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February 22, 2012

Mohawk Nation News 'Evil Stepchild'


By Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  Feb. 21, 2012.  For over 400 years the Vatican, Europe,Britain, Africa and other nations have used Great Turtle island and beyond as the dumping ground for their undesirables.  Through deliberate betrayal and extermination, over 300 million Indigenous became less than 10 million within two generations.  The worst holocaust on earth is still not talked about.  

Mathew Kristin Kiel [Reaping the Genetic Whirlwinds] writes that these crimes were to satisfy the lusts of the invaders and their descendants for our sacred land and possessions.  

Millions were off-loaded here, Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth nations:  their psychopaths, bastard nobility,unwanted royal sons who were greedy, arrogant and ruthless, violent inmates from prisons and workhouses, flop houses, brothels, thieves, con-artists, ne’do’wells, their unfit and uncivilized. [We apologize if we missed anybody.]

Many psychopaths stayed behind to pull the strings.   

African-Americans,they owe you! The white slave traders profited. The Black African royalty, village chiefs, elders, warrior societies, shamans and religious leaders did the dirty work.  [Like the colonial Indian tribal and band councils here.] They rounded up their people in exchange for money and weapons to become filthy rich. They became the rulers and leaders of African society. Today they sit in the UN [International Department of Indian Affairs] and decideeverybody’s fate.  They never stopped the oppression and abuse by the European American psychopaths. 

Well, British, French, Dutch, Spanish and others, we survivors have a message for you. 

The US junta is your fully-grown ugly, unwanted, dangerous, diseased stepchild.

Their direct descendants are now the wealthy powerful elite rulers of the US and the globe. Their war economy threatens wholesale annihilation of all, from which Europeans are benefiting. 

You profited from the rape, pillage and genocide of our sacred lands, nations and peoples. Stop your evil spoiled brats. They need more than a good spanking.     

According to WHO, you have the highest rate of sociopathic and psychopathic disorders of any race in the world. We noticed that right from the beginning. 
Take your great-grandchildren home. Or you will realize your worst fears, “We shall be cast down from whence we came for all eternity”.  Everyone knows that children will follow your example instead of your words. 

These great-grandchildren are born of your genetics with human ills inflicted on us to fester like a cancer. 

The bills have come due for past and present crimes against humanity.  These must paid until we are satisfied.  

Santana sang:  “You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby, before I stop loving you …  and every word I say is true. You’ve got me running and hiding all over town. You’ve got me sneaking and peeping and running you down. This can’t go on. No, no.  Lord knows you’ve got to change.”  

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