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February 15, 2012

Media conned by Sen. Kyl's scam to steal Indian water rights

Little Colorado River
Media falls for Sen. Kyl's Indian water theft scheme, as Navajo president sells out the people

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The media fell for a scam today, a ploy by Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl to steal Navajo water rights to the Little Colorado River. The paternalistic Sen. Kyl offered Navajos on Black Mesa a trickle of water to give up their water rights to the Little Colorado.

Navajo President Ben Shelly has been on a roll, wanting to give away Navajo water rights to non-Indians, pressing to halt clean air standards to benefit corporate coal fired power plants, line item vetoing Navajo green jobs, and signing a deal with the war machine in search of uranium.

The Navajo Nation signed a three agreement with the war machines Lawrence Livermore, Sandia and Los Alamos labs. Although the Navajo Nation prohibits uranium mining, Navajo President Shelly told Scientific American that "the tribe would monitor technology and techniques to extract the ore, as well as market conditions, to determine whether it might be viable in the future."

The media played its role in the ongoing abuse of Native Americans, cheerleading for the theft of Indian water rights and the promotion of coal fired power plants.

With the collapse of the media, the easily conned media today again regurgitated press releases. The armchair journalists spun their stories from the comfort of their easy chairs, and never went out to Black Mesa to ask Navajos for the facts.

It was the worst case scenario: The media depended on press releases and phone calls to lying politicians.

It was a dark day for journalism, and a death roll for the air, land and water.

Countering these attacks by elected Navajo leaders, on Native America Calling today, Louise Benally, Dine' of Big Mountain resisting relocation on Black Mesa, said greed is the reason that elected Navajo leaders are pushing for coal mining and power plants that are poisoning the environment and making the people sick.

Benally said the term "clean coal" is a dirty lie.

"They are killing the earth. There is no respect for the earth, they are killing the earth in the name of greed."

Sen. Kyl's water theft agreement with assistance from the Navajos' non-Indian attorney:

More media promotion of the paternalistic theft of water rights by Sen. Kyl:

Selling out to the war machine: Navajo teams up with lab on tribal energy policy

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