Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 12, 2012

Anonymous hacks Mexico mining industry in defense of Indigenous

Anonymous hacks Mexico’s mining industry in defense of Indigenous

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Anonymous hacked Mexico’s mining industry in defense of Indigenous Peoples struggling to protect their sacred lands, and their fellow campesinos who are victims of Mexico’s mining industry.
Anonymous sent a clear message to the global mining industry targeting Indigenous Peoples and their lands with abuse, violence and exploitation, that their private communications will no longer be private.
Anonymous announced it hacked the e-mails of the mining hall of Mexico, exposing the e-mails of Camimex. Anonymous, under the banner of Antisec, said they were robbing the e-mails because the mining industry is robbing the miners.
“You only took out our minerals, exploiting our miner brothers,” said the statement of Anonymous posted online. So far, 730 MB of e-mail accounts and the data base of Camimex were exposed.
Anonymous said the mining companies in Mexico and the mining syndicates are together “only to steal our minerals.” Anonymous said the value is $200,000,000 and miners are forced to work in extremely dangerous  conditions. Anonymous said the leader Napoleon Gomez Urrutia “stole more than 55 million of dollars,” which was for mine security. It resulted in the tragedy of “Pasta de Conchos,” where 65 miners died due to the insufficient security measures, Anonymous said.

Anonymous came to the defense of the Wixarika (Huicholes) in north central Mexico in San Luis Potosi, struggling to protect their sacred lands from Canada’s First Majestic Silver Mine.
The mine puts the subsistence lifestyle of the Indigenous at risk and threatens their sacred sites with destruction, while devastating their resources, Anonymous said.
Further, Anonymous said 22 permissions were granted to First Majestic Silver by the Economy Minister without asking permission of the Indigenous community. Wikiruta is a natural habitat of about 140 thousand hectares, land which has been protected since 1994, with an inclusive plan since June 2008.

Anonymous said:
| The authorities are not only violating our diverse international contracts |
| in ambiental protección theme, so is the Pact of the “Hauxa Manaka’a” |
| signed by the president Felipe Calderon in April 28th of 2008

Earlier, at the Cancun climate summit in 2010, a delegation of Wixarika said they have gone to their sacred place for a millennium to collect their sacred waters and sacred medicine for ceremonies. Mining will contaminate the water and the land there.
“What this comes down to is an extermination of the Wixarika people," Wixarika said in an interview with Censored News at the Cancun climate summit.
Calling for the First Majestic Silver Corporation from Canada to halt the mining plans, Wixarika said their ancestors have told them that they must continue to preserve their sacred places in order to survive.
Stressing the urgent need to protect this sacred place, Wixarika said, “We are praying for the equilibrium of the balance of the planet.”
Wixarika said their prayers in this sacred place are essential to keeping the world in balance.
Anonymous statement: |

The following was posted by Anonymous online:
   _  _                  __  .__                            #AntiSec #Opmexico #Cocks
 __| || |_______    _____/  |_|__| ______ ____   ____ 
 \   __   /\__  \  /    \   __\  |/  ___// __ \_/ ___\
  |  ||  |  / __ \|   |  \  | |  |\___ \\  ___/\  \___
 /_  ~~  _\(____  /___|  /__| |__/____  >\___  >\___  >
   |_||_|       \/     \/             \/     \/     \/
| -camimex- Mining Hall of Mexico |
  :  Anonymous has encountered a deposit of e-mails from the mining hall of Mexico
:  Did you mean camimex encountered a mineral deposit in Mexico?
  :  no no no
  :  the e-mail accounts of –camimex-, now are public
Mean while you rob you own miners, we rob you e-mail accounts
You don’t have any security measurements for our miner brothers, neither in your e-mails.
You only took out our minerals, exploiting our miner brothers.
But today, some hackers put together their cocks over your face and we have under our control your     website.
E-mail accounts and your data base are gonna been public in no time   
730MB in total of e-mail accounts and one of your data base
Mexico, the miner companies and the miner sindicates are together only to steal our minerals
With a avlue over $200,000,000 and forcing our miners to work in extreme danger conditions as the case of the leader Napoleon Gomez Urrutia who stole more than 55 million of dollars, which are for the mine security and this onducted to a tragedy as “Pasta de Conchos”, where <65 miners died because the insufficient security measures.
The new apertura of the gold mines and silver in the ceremonial center “Wirikuta” in San Luis Potosi which the Canadian company in-charged “First Majestic Silver”, will put in risk the subsistency of the indigens who live there and the destruction of sacred sites and devastating the ambiental resources of the zone.
The 22 permisions of “First Majestic Silver”, explain the activist, has been awarded by the Economy Minister without asking the indigen community, and regardless Wikiruta is a narutal habitat around of 140 thousand hectar, which are in protection since 1994 inclusive with a contigencu plan sice June 2008.
| The authorities are not only violating our diverse international contracts  |
| in ambiental protección theme, so is the Pact of the “Hauxa Manaka’a”       |
| signed by the president Felipe Calderon in April 28th of 2008      

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Tarsis Resources Ltd
Taseko Mines Ltd
Tasman Metals Ltd
Tearlach Resources Ltd
Teck Resources Ltd
Terra Firma Resources Inc.
Terra Nova Minerals Inc.
Terraco Gold Corp.
Terrane Metals Corp.
Terrax Minerals Inc.
Teryl Resources Corp.
Teslin River Resources Corp.
Teuton Resources Corp.
Thelon Capital Ltd
Themac Resources Group Ltd
Thor Explorations Ltd
Tigray Resources Inc.
Timmins Gold Corp.
Tinka Resources Ltd
Tintinagold Resources Inc.
Tirex Resources Ltd
TNR Gold Corp.
Toquima Minerals Corp.
Toro Resources Corp.
Tosca Mining Corp.
Tournigan Energy Ltd
Trade Winds Ventures Inc.
Tres-Or Resources Ltd
Trevali Mining Corp.
Tri-River Ventures Inc.
Trigen Resources Inc.
Trijet Mining Corp.
Troon Ventures Ltd
Troy Energy Corp.
Troymet Exploration Corp.
True North Gems Inc.
Truestar Petroleum Corp.
TTM Resources Inc.
Tumi Resources Ltd
Tyhee Gold Corp.
UC Resources Ltd
Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
UEX Corp.
Ultra Lithium Inc.
Ultra Uranium Corp.
United Silver Corp.
Upper Canyon Minerals Corp.
Uracan Resources Ltd
Uranerz Energy Corp.
Uranium North Resources Corp.
Uranium One Inc.
Urastar Gold Corp.
Urex Energy Corp.
Valgold Resources Ltd
Valterra Resource Corp.
Vangold Resources Ltd
Velocity Minerals Ltd
Victoria Gold Corp.
Victory Resources Corp.
Virginia Energy Resources Inc.
VMS Ventures Inc.
Volcanic Metals Corp.
War Eagle Mining Company Inc.
Waterloo Resources Ltd
Waymar Resources Ltd
Wealth Minerals Ltd
Wellstar Energy Corp.
Wesgold Minerals Inc.
West African Iron Ore Corp.
West Cirque Resources Ltd.
West Kirkland Mining Inc.
Westcan Uranium Corp.
Western Copper & Gold Corp.
Western Lithium USA Corp.
Western Pacific Resources Corp.
Western Potash Corp.
Western Prospector Group Ltd
Westhaven Ventures Inc.
Westminster Resources Ltd
Westridge Resources Inc.
Weststar Resources Corp.
Whistler Gold Exploration Inc.
White Mountain Titanium Corp.
White Tiger Mining Corp.
Wildcat Silver Corp.
Williams Creek Gold Limited
Windarra Minerals Ltd
Windstorm Resources Inc.
Wolverine Exploration Inc.
Wolverine Minerals Corp.
World Ventures Inc.
Woulfe Mining Corp.
WPC Resources Inc.
X-Terra Resources Corp.
Xemplar Energy Corp.
Yale Resources Ltd
Yankee Hat Minerals Ltd
Yellowhead Mining Inc.
Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp.
Zazu Metals Corp.
Zinccorp. Resources Inc.
Zinco Mining Corp.
Zincore Metals Inc.
Zoloto Resources Ltd

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