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February 14, 2012

Anonymous Message to Mining Companies in South America

A Message To The Mining and Energy Companies In South America

By Anonymous/Operation Green Rights
Feb 2012

We want to express our condemnation for the Norte Energia‘s project on the Belo Monte’s dam. The Amazonian ecosystem is fundamental for the whole planet and the dam will damage it irreversibly. We also wish to express our condemnation for the damage that your project has wreaked on Kayapo native community.

Citizens of the World:

◦ The dam site is polluting the waters of the Xingu River. This is obviously serious because the Kayapo drink water from the river and also fish there.

◦ The charter of the ‘UN Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ states that the authority of indigenous communities should be consulted on the implementation of any project affecting their territory. The Kayapo have not been consulted by Norte Energia. So the Kayapo people’s rights have been violated. It is a Kayapo’s right to refuse the dam.

◦ Many of the 24,000 people in the area are being forced to evacuate. The construction of the dam will cause the flooding of their homes.

◦ Even the Ixil, in Guatemala are in danger due to the Enel Green Power’s dam project. Hydroaysen is another dam project. No one spoke with Ixil about the dam project either.

◦ Hydroaysen is another dam project in Chile, it will absolutely destroy the ecosystem of Patagonia.

◦In Mexico, First Majestic Silver Corp has obtained license to dig in the sacred area of the Huichol people. The whole area will be disfigured and the natives will be expelled.

All these facts show that the large corporations are carrying out a systematic and destructive work on nature and the South American indigenous communities through ethnic cleansing.

Operation Green Rights and Anonymous DO NOT accept that ancient and peaceful cultures will be sacrificed in the obtuse name of greed.

ENEL, ENDESA, NORTE ENERGIA AND OTHERS. Your hydropower is UNCLEAN. It is contaminated by pain and suffering. It is time to choose, create and find renewable energy sources that have very minimal impact on the environment.

Citizens of the World, the time has come to fight the neo-colonialism of the large mining and energy companies!

- Article Written By: Anonymous/Operation Green Rights

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