Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 24, 2012

Seneca Hawk Elder Edna Gordon speaks out!


Hawk Elder EDNA GORDON with Harvey Arden
Producer/Videographer Perry Finkelstein
From Edna's earlier book: VOICE OF THE HAWK ELDER
Available at 
WE NEED CHANGES in this world, really big big changes. I'm prayin' they'll be peaceable changes, not violent and bloody ones.
I'd like to see a peaceable revolution, a revolution of broomsticks instead of guns.
Call it a Broomstick Revolution.
That's right. We the People pick up our broomsticks and march together and Sweep Injustice Out! Make a clean sweep, a big cleanin' like's never been seen before.
Broomsticks against Injustice. Now that'll be the day!
We'll take our broomsticks and we'll sweep Leonard Peltier right out o' prison, along with all the other innocents.

Yep—a Broomstick Revolution! That's what we need!
From Edna’s forthcoming book A BROOMSTICK REVOLUTION

YOU CAN'T JOIN the Broomstick Revolution.

You're already PART of it if you believe in peace and Mother Earth and respect for all living things.

The Broomstick Revolution is NOT an organization.

The Broomstick Revolution is inside of each of us, a sacred place where we listen to the Creator and follow Creator's Instructions to sweep out injustice and violence.
NEVER raise a broom in violence; your broomstick is a symbol of PEACE. Peace is our purpose. Peace is our method. Peace is our philosophy.
Broomstick Day is not some particular date. Broomstick Day is TODAY and EVERYDAY.

Sweeping out injustice is an everyday ongoing task for each and ALL of us.
How do you do that? You are the one to determine that. No one else can tell you. There are no followers in the Broomstick Revolution. We are ALL LEADERS!

Become the Leader you are!  Inspire others to their own responsibility of Leadership. Each of us is responsible for sweeping out injustice and violence from our world--and from our own hearts.
Look around you, right where you are now--that's where you begin.

Heed the Instructions that arise within you.

Only PEACE will be effective.

Love all people, even--especially--your perceived 'enemies'. We want to save the world, not destroy it.

My love and encouragement to each of you.
Some advice: Stay out of big mobs. Work alone or in small groups, groups of Leaders. Let your actions be peaceful and non-destructive.
Blessings, /Grandma Edna as spoken to Harvey Arden
PS: If you wish to preorder Grandma Edna’s new book, Broomstick Revolution, reply to this email with ‘YEP’ on the subject line. Send no money now.
I’ll notify you when the First Edition comes out this Spring 2012. /Harvey

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