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February 16, 2012

Mohawk Nation News 'Helter Skelter'


Mohawk Nation News

MNN.  FEB. 14, 2012.  This is the culture of the invaders to Great Turtle Island.  Gold has an objective value.  Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at us resource owners and the workers.  Checks are made by the looters, soon to bounce.  They run the artificial world corporatocracy.  

The upper crust is bankers, bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, empty-headed media blabber mouths, psychiatrists, sociologist nut jobs, some teachers, mainstream journalists and professional politicians.

Abusive power, wealth and property is in the hands of a few.  The middle class neutralizes the masses. The masses work, breed and die, in poverty, sedated by alcohol, porn and lotteries.

The looters fear a free society without whips in their hands.  They want jail without trial, slavery, public executions, torture, hostages and deportation. 

Their mandate is total surveillance, to crush the opposition, manufacture lies, create ignorance and complete obedience to the state. 

Like Indian tribal and band councils on reservations, the administrators tattle on their people and fill their pockets.   

Rulers perpetuate their in-bred blood line. The Catholic Church spreads 'virtue', reaps money and keeps their flock in line. 

Foreign enemies and internal traitors are vaporized.  

To keep the lie ahead of the truth, history is continually revised.  We Indigenous were declared as non-persons who were ‘disappeared’, with no record of our existence.  The biggest holocaust in all humanity was thrown down the memory hole, followed by 500 years of hatred of the survivors. 

Raping,looting, killing of children, enslaving populations and abusing prisoners, happened to us and now to others. We still hear the screams and cries of our ancestors.   

War is controlled insanity, created contradictions, over produced goods without sharing.  Planned warfare is fighting,bargaining, treachery, bases around the world facing each another and secret friendship pacts.

War creates cheap labor and wealth for a few to wage more wars.  Products are wasted to keep the world hungry, poor, controlled and to protect the hierarchy.   

Perverted specialists dream up war scenarios, to kill billions in a second without warning, to produce artificial earthquakes and tidal waves by hitting the earth’s centre. Human life is extinguished by bombs, bigger explosives,impenetrable armor, deadlier gases. Animals and vegetation are destroyed and diseases are created without cures.  Cars are promised that go underground or overhead and the sun’s rays will be controlled.

Rulers are Intoxicated by power.  They foresee jack boots stamping on helpless human faces forever.

War is everlasting without victory. War is peace.  Peace is war. 

The land is still here.  We are part of it.  We’ve never done harm to creation.  We never fell for the fiction that was created by the invaders.

George Orwell’s ‘1984’, written between 1944 and 1948, describes such a scenario.

This destruction will stop.  Those responsible will be brought to justice. All our stolen and desecrated possessions will be returned to us until we feel the debt is paid plus interest.

Bob Dylan said:  “Let me ask you one question.  Is your money that good?  Could it buy you forgiveness?  Do you think that it could?  I think you will find, when your death takes its toll, all the money you made will never buy back your soul.”

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