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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Unite for energy shift for healing June 21, 2012

By Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
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Once again I am sending my voice to all Nations upon Mother Earth, those who can hear my sincerity with their hearts – - unite together at our Sacred Sites creating an energy shift of a great healing on this June 21st. We need to see and listen to the wamakas'ka (the animals) who are more than ever now showing their sacred color of white, there are so many. This color represents the direction of when physical life now goes into the spirit journey. They are trying to warn us to pay attention to our responsibilities as a Global Nation. In order to protect the remaining sacredness that is trying to survive upon Mother Earth, which includes even our own children, we now have no choice but to unify and make positive decisions together.
To honor the birthplace of World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites where it all began in 1996, we will gather at Gray Horn Butte, aka Devils Tower on June 16th. Peace Riders who made the '96 journey from Canada to Gray Horn on horse back, will join us and offer prayers as well and plant a Peace Pole reading May Peace Prevail on Earth in 4 different languages. We will do the same offering on June 17th at Medicine Wheel. On June 18th we will gather at the Grand Tetons to begin one of the many events of WPPD throughout the world. The Grand Tetons will be the beginning of a four day event to bring attention for the need to protect the last of the true wild Buffalo (bison) that exist in Yellow Stone National Park, they are in constant danger of being massacred when caught off park property.
On June 21st I will pray with thousands of People at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
As part of the various gatherings and celebrations that will be held as part of the Sacred Earth Gathering in Aldeia Nova Terra during the month of June parallel to the conference, there will be a very special ceremony to celebrate World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites along with various representatives of the Brazilian indigenous tribes and spiritual leaders from different nations. The intent is to honor this day not only in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but to also invite the participation of other WPPD activities worldwide to join though simultaneous acts of prayer and song so as to be united spiritually on this June 21st to celebrate the 2012 World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites.
Onipikteca (that we shall live),
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Indigenous Chiefs and Elders will be addressing the World Youth Congress, the Forum of Youth Leaders and the World People's Forum at the Rio +20 World Enviornmental Conference, June 3-23, 2012

Help Indigenous youth filmmakers get to Seattle

Please help Indigenous youth filmmakers get to Seattle
Thank you to Outta Your Backpack Media for sharing your breaking news articles, photos and videos with Censored News

By Outta Your Backpack Media
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBM) needs your support to get folks to the 7th Annual SuperFly Filmmaking Experience in Seattle, WA!
OYBM collective members and workshop participants (a total of seven people!) have been invited to participate in this years SuperFly workshop. Shelby Ray, OYBM collective member/volunteer, will also be mentoring at SuperFly.
Unfortunately Longhouse Media, an organizer of the workshop, is unable to come up with full travel funds for OYBM participants so they have asked us to step up and figure it out (they have committed to pay for gas which definitely helps). As many of you already know, OYBM is very resourceful and conscious of how and why we use our funds (that’s why we have a very small annual budget), and that’s why we’re reaching out for your support. While other participants are being flown to Seattle, we’ve decided it’s most affordable for us to rent a van and drive the 1,356 miles from Flagstaff, AZ to Seattle, WA.
We have already successfully raised nearly $500 from our recent Navajo Taco Sale and from community member’s donations. We need to raise an additional $500 more by Monday. Any amount would be helpful and greatly appreciated!
Donations can also be made via Paypal though our website at, just click the “Donate” button.
You can also write a check to: Outta Your Backpack Media. (Please call if you are writing a check)
Donations above $20 will receive a copy of our newest DVD Vol. 4 featuring videos made at our workshops!
Please contact me if you have any questions: (928) 225-7436 or
Please forward this email to your friends and relatives.
Thank you for your consideration,
Shelby Ray
OYBM Youth Coordinator/Volunteer
About SuperFly:
From May 31st through June 2nd, 2012 more than 50 Indigenous youth from throughout the country will be participating in SuperFly. This is great filmmaking opportunity where filmmakers and actors are able to showcase their skills, collaborate with others, and premiere their work at the Seattle International Film Festival.
More at:
About OYBM:
Since 2004 Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBMedia) has empowered Indigenous youth through free movie making workshops and resource distribution. OYBMedia is an all volunteer Indigenous youth response to the need for media justice in our communities. We seek to create community ownership of media through youth empowerment.
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