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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New at Censored News May 29, 2012

New at Censored News

May 29, 2012

Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Prayers for energy shift for healing, prayers at Rio 20 Brazil on June 21:

VIDEO: O'odham Ofelia Rivas 'Erase the Border' 2012
Photos and videos: Winnemem Wintu shut down McCloud River during War Dance

Censored News Series:
Rights of Mother Earth Gathering
at Haskell Indian Nations University, April 2012:

Haskell: Disappearance and renewal in the wetlands
Rights of Mother Earth Haskell continues efforts of Bolivia President Evo Morales
Anishinabe Renee Gurneau: Mother earth, memory and being
Power and Place: Dr. Wildcat on Rights of Mother Earth
Fort Berthold: Oil trucks killed seven children and youths
‘People of the water’ BC Chief Rueben George at Rights of Mother Earth
Robert Yazzie: Roots of Dine’ Law at Rights of Mother Earth
Supai Hopi Mona Polacca: Water, prayer and humility

New at Censored News
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