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June 16, 2013

Defend Havasupai Sacred Land from Uranium Mining at Grand Canyon June 2013

Photo Dawn Dyer/Censored News

Red Butte photo Dawn Dyer/Censored News

Protest reopening of Canyon Uranium Mine June 21, 2013 at Red Butte, Havasupai land, Grand Canyon
Press statement
Photos by Dawn Dyer
Censored News
Photo Dawn Dyer/Censored News

Grassroots protesters will take action at 7 am near the junction of Forest Road 305 and AZ Highway 64, independently from but in conjunction with Idle No More’s International Indigenous Solidarity Day, the presence of Havasupai elders, and the Sierra Club’s national executive director at the Canyon Uranium Mine. Grassroots protesters will also be available for interviews.

Energy Fuels Inc., the Toronto-based company digging the mine, have already dug 120 feet down what they hope will be a 1600 foot shaft. If the mine starts extracting uranium, it will expose residents and visitors to "low-level" radiation along Hwy 64. So called “low-level” radiation poisons air, waters, and soils for billions of years, causing cancers, birth defects, and other health problems. Even worse, Arizona's environmental and haulage regulations fail to protect the public from these dangers.

In addition to these health impacts and contamination of the Grand Canyon ecosystem and aquifer, the mine will directly harm the integrity of nearby Red Butte, sacred to the Havasupai and other indigenous people.

For the past thirty years indigenous people of northern Arizona and their allies have been resisting uranium mining at the Grand Canyon. This struggle continues as protesters gather to express their opposition to the Canyon Uranium Mine 15 miles south of the south rim.

The mine, owned by Canada-based Energy Fuels Inc., is located in the Kaibab National Forest –15 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Before approving the mine, both the company and the US Forest Service failed to consult with local tribes as required by law. Instead, the USFS rushed approval by using an outdated Environmental Impact Statement, silencing community input and recent scientific research.

The Mama Bears Brigade have organized an encampment June 1-July ? in opposition to the Canyon Uranium Mine at the south rim. The camp is a space to speak out and inspire action towards a nuclear free world. We invite everyone who wants to protect the Grand Canyon to join us.

 The Mama Bears Brigade is a volunteer, grassroots, feminist collective committed to exposing the dangers of the entire nuclear cycle.


Mama Bears Brigade

(928) 899-2267 or (706) 978-9425

You are welcome to a three day gathering just south of Grand Canyon National Park, with main gathering happening at dawn June 21st right on Hwy. 64. We will protest the re-opening of Canyon Uranium Mine on Native sacred lands by praying, bannering, and peacefully demonstrating. This is a call out to all peaceful warriors to come, pray, and decide how to stop the mine. A base camp has already been set up on Hwy 64, approx. 45 miles north of Williams, AZ (First right after mile marker 219). More camping is available very nearby at the prayer/ceremony site near Red Butte, and also in the high Ponderosas of the National Forest near Canyon Mine itself. Gather now to protect the Grand Canyon, the Colorado Plateau, and the waters, animals, plants and people who live here. Also on the 21st, the head of the Sierra club is to meet at 10 am with some of the Havasupai elders, who will be coming up out of the Canyon, at the mine site itself. Red Butte and the Grand Canyon are sacred to several tribes in this region. Energy Fuels must stop digging NOW! Idle No More has called for Friday, June 21st, to be International Indigenous Solidarity Day. Come and help!

This will be our first, opening action and is a three day event. Come prepared for hot days (up to 90) and cool nights (down to 40). Please bring your own water, food and banner and sign-making materials beginning as early as June 19. We do have some food and some banner-making materials, but will need more. Base camp will be open through July 2013 for further organizing and actions. We welcome individuals and affinity groups. Mama Bears Brigade is a feminist collective and as such is non-violent. We are committed to indigenous/women's leadership. For more info please email us at PLEASE SHARE THIS CALL TO ACTION

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