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June 24, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Corruption Anyone?'


Corruption Anyone?

govt cakeMNN. June 23, 2013.  Hungry ghosts are in a feeding frenzy to destroy Indigenous sovereignty and take everything from us. To carry out this genocide, willing accomplices are needed. The corporate Injun band and tribal councils are selected and trained in bribery, deceit, theft and to
exterminate us without guilt. 

Corruption needs corporate control of spiritual, moral and mental decay. The greedy band and tribal councils and their accomplices are a major part of the corporate grid to steal our resources and funds and undermine our nations. They create and pit factions against each other, stir up conflicts, confusion and make unilateral decisions from which there is no appeal. We are not told or misinformed about what’s going on. Non-native outside business interests are brought in to stand behind willing community members to compromise and abuse our sovereignty. Their puppet masters, the Corporation of Canada, are the instructors.  
                                                                                                             Like any “banana republic”, the rule is no morals. These corporate Injun degenerates rely on illicit favors for personal gain, called “kickbacks”. Included are gifts, money, sexual favors, off shore bank accounts, entertainment, dishonest employment, preferential treatment and benefits for themselves and their immediate family. Their crimes and misconduct are overlooked as long as they faithfully bow before their puppet master. Bribery makes them susceptible to blackmail and extortion. The corporate media could bring charges or to public light if necessary. Band councils make overt or benign threats with impunity, such as withholding services, benefits and other entitlements from the people.  
no substanceThese Immoral corporate Injun chiefs contribute to the decline in moral and ethical standards of the community. Dishonesty spreads. We could be seen as corrupt by association or letting it go on. We cannot easily exercise the moral foundation of the Kaianerekowa to maintain our power and to command respect. 
When these lackeys get away with abuse, the message is that it’s okay to be cruel. When one does something wrong, it becomes easier to do another wrong. The humane behavior of honest people is constantly undermined. By not stopping these corporate Injun concentration camp wardens from violating us, the decline of our nation’s moral values and ethical standards will continue. 
The colonial strategy is to strengthen their low-life Injun sell-outs to continue being morally destructive. They are given a smooth well-honed honey-covered script. The corporate hierarchical system can only stay in power when we don’t object. Otherwise we are part of it. Soon no one will listen to our voices. There are many with souls and decency who condemn this evil.
tipi saleThis unscrupulous system and the people within it will cease to exist. As Buffy Sainte-Marie sang: Your country, my country, gun for hire, y’all. Mercenary 101, he working for the government”. “He Working for the Government”.
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