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June 8, 2013

NSA collects all e-mails, as United Nations fails humanity

NSA collects all e-mails, as United Nations fails humanity

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

As the United Nations fails humanity, it is disturbing to learn of the handful of non-profits who are enriching themselves, and controlling the agenda at the UN, using the real life struggles and sufferings of Indigenous Peoples who actually live on their lands and do not receive the benefits of these large non-profit salaries and global travel budgets.
US drone assassinations and NSA collection of e-mails
Watch Democracy Now! Friday edition and see how Democracy Now and the London Guardian are doing more than the United Nations to hold the US accountable, both for drone assassinations, and the unwarranted seizure of all citizen e-mails.
US officials have repeatedly lied to Congress about the collection of citizen e-mails on Gmail and Yahoo, Facebook info and all cell phone calls on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.
The NSA's data collection program has now been identified.
The US has collected all emails, phone calls, Google searches and credit card transactions.
Asked by Amy Goodman if the US invasive spy program would deter him, the Guardian's Glenn Greenwald said, "No, it’s actually going to embolden me to pursue these stories even more aggressively."

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Censored News

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Lloyd Vivola said...

Glenn Greenwald has been a warrior for his continued coverage and analysis of these issues concerning the abuse of civil liberties and freedom of the press by the US government under the propagandist guise of "national security". Reassuring to see so many readers registering a "thumbs up" for his Guardian articles.

Kudos also for Amy Goodman and CENSORED NEWS.