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June 13, 2013

LISTEN First Voices Indigenous Radio, Arvol Looking Horse, Debra White Plume

First Voices Indigenous Radio
Host Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lakota
June 13, 2013
ARVOL LOOKING HORSE (Itazipcola Lakota Nation)
Following the birth of a White Buffalo Calf in 1994, the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nations Arvol Looking Horse, was directed to honor the Four Directions with ceremony on Summer Solstice/June 21st. According to Lakota Star Knowledge, the birth of "Miracle," a female white buffalo, signaled a time of Earth changes and the coming of The Mending of the Hoop of all Nations. The Summer Solstice is said to be a powerful time to pray for peace and harmony among all Living Beings. Grandmother Earth's gifts; the air, water, plant, animal, and rock nations must be allowed to heal if we are to live in harmony with Her.

Ancient prophecies throughout the world have predicted this time...when population growth, over consumption, depletion of our natural resources and pollution would severely damage our Earth's life-sustaining capabilities. It has become Chief Looking Horse's personal commitment as the "Keeper of the Sacred Bundle" to assist in the fulfillment of the Mending of the Hoop of all Nations. Besides his work with his own community, meeting with global and spiritual leaders around the world and speaking and offering prayers at Universities and environmental symposiums, (including the United Nations); Chief Looking Horse's mission with World Peace and Prayer Day has already made tremendous contributions to the progress of Earth Awareness and World Peace. 

Debra White Plume - (Oglala Lakota Nation) works with Moccasins on the Ground and the frontline experience of bringing awareness about the ongoing devastation to Mother Earth such as the Keystone XL Pipeline to many Indigenous nations; and creating a new paradigm for themselves through creating solidarity and resistance to the destruction of Mother Earth and sacred water.
Debra spoke at the Left Forum's "Mobilizing for Ecological and Economical Transformation in New York City with a capacity crowd at the Pace University June 8, 2013.
FOR THE WEEK OF JUNE 13 - 20, 2013

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