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February 27, 2015

Black Mesa Ida Mae Clinton 'Stop your fears! Believe strongly in yourself!'

‘Stop your fears! Believe strongly in yourself!’ - Ida Mae Clinton, Star Mountain

Shared with permission from Bahe of Big Mountain's Sheep Dog Nation Rocks. Thank you!

By Ron Lester Whyte
Sheep Dog Nation Rocks
Sheep Dog Nation Rocks publisher Bahe Katenay shared this article. It is written by an African American supporter of Dineh resisting relocation. The supporter, Ron Lester Whyte, spent much of this time with the late, Ida Mae Clinton. Ida was one of the key resistance leaders. She was from Star Mountain, southeast of the Hopi Mesas.

February 5, 2015 -  The first thing I must acknowledge is that, though I will do my best, my words could never do Ida Mae Clinton or her struggle, justice. There is no way to adequately describe her strength, her resolve, or the depth of the spiritual relationship she had with the land that sustained not only her, but countless generations before her. Ida was what in a sane world would be considered a “national treasure,” yet her passing and the passing of others like her [5 elder resisters in 2014] have taken place with barely a whisper, barely a mention.
First and foremost, Ida was an activist fighting to save her way of life from the forces of colonialism. During the 1980s Ida and other elders on Black Mesa took their activism to another level and opened up their homes to “supporters” who came from all over the world to see firsthand what was happening.

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