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February 27, 2015

Bahe: The Big Mountain Dineh Resistance: Still a Cornerstone

The Big Mountain Dineh Resistance: Still A Cornerstone

By NaBahe (Bahe) Keediniihii (Katenay) 2015

Shared with permission at Censored News

Big Mountain, Dinehtah (Navajo Lands) – In this remote high desert which is mostly covered with juniper and pinon pine forest in northeastern Arizona lays a region known as Black Mesa. The region was once so pristine but in the 1960s, Peabody Energy acquired leases to begin mining, building highways and massive industrial infrastructures, and extracting an ancient aquifer. Dineh (means The Peoples) who inhabited the region and who kept an ancient form of eco-conscious practices were now confronted with destructive and political upheavals. Traditional and non-English speaking Dineh were soon notified that “a Law” was made that will divide these territories and one half of it will go to Dineh’s close neighbor, the Hopis. Immediate concern and oppositions grew among Dineh and traditional Hopis, but this also exposed that major utility companies who served sprawling southwest cities were behind the lobbying and financial power that boost the U. S. Congress’s passage of the “Navajo-Hopi Land Settlement Act of 1974.”
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Black Mesa Ida Mae Clinton 'Stop your fears! Believe strongly in yourself!'

‘Stop your fears! Believe strongly in yourself!’ - Ida Mae Clinton, Star Mountain

Shared with permission from Bahe of Big Mountain's Sheep Dog Nation Rocks. Thank you!

By Ron Lester Whyte
Sheep Dog Nation Rocks
Sheep Dog Nation Rocks publisher Bahe Katenay shared this article. It is written by an African American supporter of Dineh resisting relocation. The supporter, Ron Lester Whyte, spent much of this time with the late, Ida Mae Clinton. Ida was one of the key resistance leaders. She was from Star Mountain, southeast of the Hopi Mesas.

February 5, 2015 -  The first thing I must acknowledge is that, though I will do my best, my words could never do Ida Mae Clinton or her struggle, justice. There is no way to adequately describe her strength, her resolve, or the depth of the spiritual relationship she had with the land that sustained not only her, but countless generations before her. Ida was what in a sane world would be considered a “national treasure,” yet her passing and the passing of others like her [5 elder resisters in 2014] have taken place with barely a whisper, barely a mention.
First and foremost, Ida was an activist fighting to save her way of life from the forces of colonialism. During the 1980s Ida and other elders on Black Mesa took their activism to another level and opened up their homes to “supporters” who came from all over the world to see firsthand what was happening.

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February 26, 2015

Mohawk Nation News 'Can you teach me how to die?'



MNN. Feb. 26, 2015. An army recruiter went into a high school to entice the kids into joining the military and becoming killers. He described how WWII Allied soldiers were taught how to smash jawbones while gouging eyes, crushing windpipes and snapping necks, and generally applying deadly force to the weakest, most vulnerable parts of the body to kill or disable. The enemy can be a baby, child, woman, youth, man or an elder. Cops are experts in these methods. In 2008 border guards applied handcuffs to me at Akwesasne, so as to bring about a heart attack and kill me. Harper orders IndiansThe military teach killing but not how to die. Today’s children learn fighting in sports, movies and TV. They are unaware of the brutal reality of life and death combat. Except for one kid who asked the recruiter, “Can you teach me how to die?” The recruiter did not answer.
Harper is expecting young people wearing over 70 pounds of gear to kill civilians and to rape and degrade their bodies. They are forced into situations where they have to murder or kill to survive. What will they do when they are struck across the windpipe or poked in the eye or shot in the chest and facing death?
19-year olds are being used as cannon fodder for the political games being played in Ottawa. Our economic path is deliberately designed so our young people are directed down three roads: military, police or prison guards. When they don’t like any of these, they are sent to the jailhouse. In the military they are put out on the front lines.
At basic training they are taught the basics of killing, but not about being killed. They are going to be sent to Iraq, Ukraine, Russia and the Middle East on behalf of the corporate war machine, and where we have no business, facing a people who will not quit. For the first time in my memory military recruiters are being sent into schools to steal our children away from their mothers to be murdered and do the murdering.war-is-hell-
The enticements are further education, travel, money, bonuses etc. Unfortunately, when they finish, their benefits are meager, late or non-existing. Many commit suicide.
All mothers, don’t let the military enter our schools and steal our children. Listen to the Beatles, “Your Mother Should Know’: “Lift up your hearts and sing me a song. That was a hit before your mother was born. So she was born a long, long time ago. Your mother should know. Your mother should know. Your mother should know”.

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Basic training to kill:

February 24, 2015

Rosebud Lakotas Celebrate Veto of Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun

                                           Shield the People

February 24, 2015
Censored News

Greetings from the Lakota, Nakota, Dakota Nations. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Oyate Wahacanka Woecun, Shielding the People would like to thank President Barak Obama for his veto of the Keystone Pipeline, 270-152. We view this as positive recognition of our long standing government to government relationship, bound by our treaties which are the supreme law of the land.

The negative impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline on our cultural, historical and burial sites; and on the many major environmental, public health hazards and safety problems it creates. The project is within our homelands, and we will be directly affected, most importantly it is a threat to the non-negotiable rights of our women and children.

However the only thing that will ensure the safety and welfare of the coming generations, is total rejection of the Keystone Pipeline. The inadequacy of the US State Department's Environmental Impact Statement for this project must be re-evaluated and tribal consultation must be at the forefront, exemplifying true government to government relationships.

We will be vigilant and resilient in our opposition any furthering of this project and/or any other project which our homelands. Our efforts at state level, with the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission and other legal avenues will continue. We affirm our rights as the original caretakers and stewards of the land, resources and our people.

We remain, Shielding the People, in solidarity.

One heart ~ one mind ~ one prayer, Mni Wiconi

Paula Antoine,
Sicangu Oyate Land Office
2807 Wasta Drive
PO Box 658
Rosebud, SD 57570
Phone: 605.747.4225
Fax: 605.747.4227
Alternate email (1):

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun
Shield the People
Bron: Censored News:
Vertaald door NAIS:
24 februari
Groeten van de Lakota, Nakota, Dakota Nations. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, Oyate Wahacanka Woecun,Shielding the People zegt dank aan president Obama voor zijn veto tegen de Keystone pijpleiding, 270-152.
Wij zien dit als een positieve erkenning van onze langdurende ‘overheid tot overheid’ relatie, gebonden aan onze verdragen die de hoogste wet zijn van het land.

Keystone XL pijpleding zal een negatieve impact creëren op onze culturele, historische en begraaf -sites; op het milieu , de volksgezondheid en de veiligheid
Het project is binnen onze thuislanden, en wij zullen rechtstreeks getroffen worden, en wat vooral belangrijk is, is dat het een bedreiging vormt voor de fundamentele rechten van onze vrouwen en kinderen.

Echter, het enige dat veiligheid en welzijn van de komende generaties kan garanderen is de totale afwijzing van de Keystone Pijpleiding.
De ontoereikendheid van het ‘Environmental Impact Statement’ voor dit project van het VS staats departement moet opnieuw worden geëvalueerd en hierbij moet het tribale overleg op de voorgrond komen, zodat de ware overheid- tot –overheid verwantschap duidelijk geïllustreerd wordt.

Wij zullen waakzaam en weerbaar blijven in onze oppositie tegen de vorderingen van dit project en/ of tegen eender welk ander project in onze thuislanden.
Onze inspanningen op staatsniveau, met de commissie voor openbare voorzieningen in Zuid Dakota en andere wettelijke wegen zullen voortgaan.
Wij bevestigen ons recht als de oorspronkelijke verzorgers en stewards van het land, grondstoffen en ons volk.

Wij blijven in solidariteit,
Shielding the People
One Heart – One mind- one prayer, Mni Wiconi


French translation by Christine Prat
Keystone-pipeline-routeMardi 24 février 2015, le Président Barak Obama a utilisé son veto contre la proposition de loi des Républicains d’autoriser un nouveau tronçon de l’oléoduc Keystone XL.
D’après une dépêche de Reuters du 24 février « Le Président Obama a, mardi, comme promis, promptement opposé son veto à un projet de loi Républicain approuvant l’oléoduc Keystone XL, laissant par là le projet longtemps débattu dans les limbes pour une période indéterminée.
Le chef de la majorité au Sénat, Mitch McConnell, après réception du veto d’Obama, a immédiatement riposté en annonçant que la chambre dominée par les Républicains essaierait de le contrer le 3 mars.
C’est peu vraisemblable. En dépit de leur majorité, il manque quatre voix aux Républicains pour pouvoir renverser le veto d’Obama. » [Il faudrait pour cela une majorité des deux tiers – NdT]
D’après USA Today du 25 février, Obama a déclaré « […] je prends aussi au sérieux ma responsabilité vis-à-vis du peuple américain. Et parce que cet acte du Congrès est en conflit avec des procédures établies de l’exécutif et passe au-dessus de la prise en compte de problèmes qui pourraient peser sur notre intérêt national – entre autres notre sécurité et notre environnement – il mérite mon veto. »
La nouvelle a été ressentie comme une victoire par les communautés Autochtones directement concernées. Les (Sioux) Lakota de Rosebud, Dakota du Sud, ont publié un communiqué, traduit ci-dessous.
Christine Prat

Protégez le Peuple [Shield the People]
Pour publication immédiate : 24 février 2015
Salutations des Nations Lakota, Nakota et Dakota. La Tribu Sioux de Rosebud, Oyate Wahacanka Woecun, Protéger le Peuple, voudrait remercier le Président Barak Obama pour son veto contre l’oléoduc Keystone, 270-152. Nous le voyons comme une reconnaissance positive de notre longue relation de gouvernement à gouvernement, liée par nos traités, qui sont la loi suprême du pays.
[Nous sommes préoccupés par] les impacts négatifs du Keystone XL sur nos sites culturels, historiques et funéraires, et les nombreux problèmes majeurs qu’il crée pour l’environnement, les dangers pour la santé publique et les questions de sécurité. Le projet est situé à l’intérieur de nos territoires, et nous serons affectés directement, et, ce qui est extrêmement important, c’est une menace pour les droits non-négociables de nos femmes et nos enfants.
Cependant, la seule chose qui peut assurer la sécurité et le bien-être des générations à venir est le rejet total de l’oléoduc Keystone XL. La Déclaration d’Impact Environnemental inadéquate du Ministère pour ce projet doit être réévaluée et la consultation avec les tribus doit être au premier plan, pour servir d’exemple de ce que sont de véritables relations de gouvernement à gouvernement.
Nous serons vigilants et résilients dans notre opposition à toute continuation de ce projet et/ou de tout autre projet dans nos territoires. Nos efforts au niveau de l’état [du Dakota du Sud – NdT], auprès de la Commission des Services Energétiques Publiques du Dakota du Sud et d’autres canaux légaux, continueront. Nous affirmons nos droits en tant que gardiens et serviteurs d’origine du territoire, des ressources et de notre peuple.
Dans la solidarité, Protégeant le Peuple
Un cœur ~ un esprit ~ une prière, Mni Wiconi
Paula Antoine,
Sicangu Oyate Land Office
2807 Wasta Drive
PO Box 658
Rosebud, SD 57570
Phone: 605.747.4225
Fax: 605.747.4227
Alternate email (1):
“Sicangu Oyate Tamakoce Okawanyakapi “
Gardiens du Territoire de Peuple de Rosebud
Publié sur Censored News
Le 24 février 2015

Anna Rondon Photos: Dine' Support Apaches at Oak Flat Resistance!

Photos by Anna Rondon, Dine'

Anna Rondon, Dine' said, "Kooper Indigenize Curley performing at Oak Flats Saturday Feb 21, 2015. We offered a prayer at the holy ground. We brought our spring water to this holy ground to signify spiritual pureness to nurture us and strengthen our dream visions for the battles within this spiritual war, its always been."

Mohawk Nation News 'Nazi Terror in Canada'



Please post & distribute. Nia:wen.
MNN. Feb. 24, 2015. As the Gestapo said in 1933, “As long as the police carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally.” Harper’s new anti-terrorist bill C-51 is setting up the secret police of Canada, carrying Canadians into the fast lane onto the road to fascism.
Hey. It was just a game!
Heil CSIS. It was just a game!
The Nazi system is based on the 1933 all-encompassing Gestapo secret police force that was set up with the Enabling Act throughout Germany, under the operational control of the Fuhrer. Politics and intelligence were combined just like the CSIS-RCMP amalgamation.
The Gestapo investigated treason, espionage, sabotage and criminal attacks on the Fuhrer and the Nazi party. They operated without judicial review. Citizens could not sue the state. “Protective custody” was imprisoning people without judicial proceedings. Those who opposed Nazi rule or were “suspected” of being hostile to the State were monitored and could be placed in ‘protective detention’ without legal defense. Arrests, torture, and executions of state enemies were normal ‘in the eyes of the public’.
Gestapo officers were recruited from the police forces and the civil service. They were trained to carry out radicalized and unrestrained violence. V-Men were undercover agents that infiltrated opposition individuals and groups.
Denunciations proved to be the most powerful, ruthless and effective. The persecution network was well coordinated by the Nazi party. 80% of investigations depended on denunciations by citizens, who were often motivated by personal conflicts or support for the Nazi regime. Investigators used blackmail, threats, extortion, sleep deprivation, harassment, torture and planting evidence to convict their targets.
The Nazi terror focused on political opponents, ideological dissenters, gypsies, handicapped persons, homosexuals and Jews.
Canadians will never notice.
Harper: “Oh Ca-na-dah!”
This was how Hitler’s star began to rise. Harper is following this same plan. First he had his Reichstag fire [Ottawa shooting]. Then he announced his Bill C-51 [Enabling Act] to announce his CSIS secret police [Getapo]. From 1933 to 1939 Hitler rearmed Germany by putting everyone to work in the factories building bombs, tanks, planes and bullets to create Germany’s economic miracle.
Know your history, or it will repeat itself. The Germans could have stopped Hitler in 1933. Because they acquiesced to one man’s maniacal rule, 50 million dead! As the great story teller Johnny Cash reminds us to remember our history. “So many time I’ve heard the same old story. Any fool can learn to read between the lines. And this time, honey, you’ve burned all your bridges. You’re ancient history to this heart of mine.”

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This beating at Onondaga Nation in 1997.

Moccasins on the Ground Tour of Resistance Cheyenne River

Photo by Natalie Hand
Resister Sisters Photo by Natalie Hand
Moccasins on the Ground – Tour of Resistance to Protect Sacred Water

Cheyenne River Lakota Homelands, Dupree, South Dakota

By Natalie Hand
Lakota Media Project
Owe Aku International
Censored News

The Moccasins on the Ground (MOTG) training camp opened on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe homelands on a cold February night.  The Lakota people there put out a call for this non-violent direct action (NVDA) training to help them prepare themselves to defend their treaty territory from the potential construction of the Trans Canada KXL pipeline.
The event kicked off Friday evening with opening prayers for the sacred water and encouragement for the Cheyenne River Lakota people and the non-native allies from the surrounding area.
The training consists of an intensive 3-day curriculum that teaches community building; action strategizing; street medic training; media messaging; and identifying roles for direct action.  The trainers came from all over Turtle Island to offer their expertise including members of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Ruckus Society, Tar Sands Resistance, Utah Tar Sands, Native Youth Movement, Warriors Alliance, Street Medic, Owe Aku, Lakota Media Project, Clean Water Alliance, Media Collective and Idle No More.
Trainers shared their experiences ranging from forming a blockade to washing mace from their eyes, to effective use of social media and knowing your legal rights.  The participants included interveners in the South Dakota Public Utility Commission’s renewed application process by TransCanada, which has been scheduled for hearing in May, 2015.
Discussions at the training included understanding what kind of mischief is going on in Washington D.C. to get the KXL pipeline approved.
The frenzied pace at which the oil and mining industry is destroying this planet has caused native peoples and non-native allies to rise up and fight these corporations in a unified front.  Presentations included the destruction of the boreal forest and Athabascan River Basin in Alberta Canada.  Kandi Mossett of IEN presented on the devastation of the land, air and water in her homeland of the Arikira, Hidatsa, Mandan tribe in the Bakken oil fields.  Updates on the uranium mining case against Cameco at Crawford, NE and an update on the proposed uranium mining in the Black Hills was presented by Debra White Plume of Owe Aku and Carla Marshall of Clean Water Alliance.
Bold Nebraska volunteer Doug Grandt of Lincoln NE is a retired engineer and one-time employee of Exxon has pledged the rest of his days to “retire oil refineries”.  “My mother and grandmother were born and raised in northeast Nebraska, so I was motivated to fight to protect the land and water.” stated Grandt.
The effects of the tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada are evident and far-reaching.  Indigenous Athabascan peoples whose homelands have been irrevocably altered by the tar sands mines can no longer practice their sustenance hunting and fishing due to the contaminated waterways.
Nina Waste’ Wilson, Nakota/Dakota/Nehiyawan, co-founder of the Idle No More movement in Canada stated, “To me, water is the most powerful medicine.  We are water. As a woman, I have a spiritual duty to protect it! I love the Moccasins on the Ground training. It is the war horse for Mother Earth’s Army!”
During the camp, Dallas Goldtooth of IEN facilitated the Cheyenne River Lakota people through a consensus decision-making training session.
Jo Seenie, Anishinabe-Wolf Clan, of Warriors Alliance from Roseau River, Manitoba Canada said, “As a woman, I have a responsibility to defend the water.  Babies growing in our wombs need the water, their first medicine, to live.  I love the true warrior spirit here and am inspired that our nations are coming together!”
Sedona Film Fest bound!
Joseph White Eyes, Joye Braun and TJ Afraid of Hawk of the Cheyenne River organizers were present throughout the 3 day training and other organizers including Robin LeBeau and Wanikiya Win Cetan Hotanka were able to participate in some of the training.  Elizabeth Lone Eagle could not attend due to illness.  Paul Seamens, president of Dakota Rural Action was also in attendance for some of the training.  Many elders from the surrounding communities attended and gave and received encouragement.  Community members brought food to the resistance training throughout the weekend.  Social and ceremony songs were offered by Oyuhpe Singers of Manderson, South Dakota.
Vivian High Elk, Minnecojou/Itazipco Lakota elder assisted Ivan Looking Horse with a water ceremony to conclude this 14th and final Moccasins on the Ground training camp.
The Tour of Resistance continues to Arizona for the premiere of the documentary “Crying Earth Rise Up” on February 28, 2015 at the Sedona International Film Festival.

Support Moccasins on the Ground Resistance Tour: Donate to PayPal on Owe Aku International:

More photos of Moccasins on the Ground at Cheyenne River 

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS

Door Nathalie Hand – Lakota Media Project
Bron: Censored News:
Vertaald door NAIS:
Zusters in het verzet- foto: Nathalie Hand
Het trainingkamp van Moccasins on the Ground (MOTG) werd op een koude februariavond geopend op het Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe thuisland.
Het Lakota -volk heeft daar opgeroepen voor de geweldloze directe actie (NVDA) training om hen te helpen zich voor te bereiden om hun treaty- gebied te verdedigen tegen de mogelijke constructie van de Trans Canada KXL pijplijn.
Het evenement opende vrijdagavond met ‘opening- prayers’ voor het sacrale water en aanmoediging voor het Cheyenne River Lakota- volk en de niet-indiaanse bondgenoten van het omliggende gebied.
De 3-daagse intensieve training omvatte het aanleren van gemeenschapsopbouw; actiestrategieën, ‘street medic’ opleiding; media berichtgeving; en strategiën voor directe actie.
De lesgevers komen van uit heel Turtle Island om hun ervaringen en deskundigheid te delen.
Leden van het Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), Ruckus SocietyTar Sands Resistance, Utah Tar SandsNative Youth Movement, Warriors AllianceStreet MedicOwe Aku, Lakota Media Project, Clean Water Alliance, Media Collective en Idle No More.

De ervaringen die door de instructeurs gedeeld worden gaan van het vormen van een blokkade tot het uitwassen van hun ogen waarin gesprayd werd, tot een doeltreffend gebruik van sociale media en het kennen van uw rechten.
Onder de deelnemers bevinden zich ook interveniënten in het hernieuwde vergunningsproces door TransCanadabij bij de commissie van openbare nutsvoorzieningen, Zuid Dakota, die gehoord zullen worden in mei 2015.

De lage praktijken die in Washington DC plaats grijpen om groen licht te verkrijgen voor de KXL pijplijn worden besproken.
Het koortsachtige tempo waaraan de olie en mijn -industrie de planeet aan het verwoesten is was er de oorzaak van dat natives en niet- native bondgenoten één front vormden om op te staan tegen deze corporaties te bevechten.

Presentaties toonden de vernietiging van het boreaal woud en het Athabascan River basin in Alberta, Canada.
De presentatie van Kandi Mossett van IEN ging over de verwoesting van het land, lucht en water in haar thuisland van de Arikira, Hidatsa, Mandan Tribe in de Bakken olie velden.
Updates van de zaak van uranium ontginning door Cameco bij Crawford, NE en een update over de geplande uranium ontginning in de Black Hills werden gebracht door Debra White Plume van Owe Aku en Carla Marshall van Clean Water Alliance.
Doug Grandt, vrijwilliger van Bold Nebraska uit Lincoln NE, die een op rust gestelde ingenieur is en eens in dienst was van Exxon heeft de belofte gegeven dat hij zich voor de rest van zijn leven zal inzetten tegen de olie raffinaderijen.
“Mijn Moeder en mijn grootmoeder zijn geboren en getogen in noordoost Nebraska, en dat motiveerde mij om het land en het water te beschermen,” aldus Grandt.

De effecten van de teerzanden -ontginningen in Alberta, Canada zijn evident en verstrekkend.
Athabascan volk wiens thuislanden onherroepelijk veranderd zijn door de teerzanden- mijnen kunnen niet langer hun levensonderhoudende jacht en visvangst uitoefenen vanwege de vergiftigde waterwegen.

Nina Waste’Wilson, Nakota/Dakota/ Nehiyawan, mede oprichtster van de Idle No More Movementin Canada verklaarde: “Voor mij is water het meest krachtige medicijn. Wij zijn water. Als vrouw heb ik de spirituele plicht om het te beschermen! Ik hou van de Moccassins on the Ground training. Het is het oorlogspaard van het leger van Moeder Aarde!”

Tijdens het kamp gaf Dallas Goldtooth van IEN de mensen van de Cheyenne River Lakota door een training sessie de hulpmiddelen om een besluitvorming bij consensus na te streven.

Jo Seenie, Anishinabe- Wolf Clan, van de Warriors Alliance van Roseau River, Manitoba, Canada zei: “ als vrouw heb ik de verantwoordelijkheid om het water te beschermen. Baby’s die in onze baarmoeder groeien hebben water nodig, hun eerste medicijn om te leven. Ik hou van de ware warrior spirit die hier heerst en dat onze naties hier samen komen is bezielend.!”
Joseph White Eyes, Joye Braun en TJ Afraid of Hawk van de Cheyenne organisatoren waren aanwezig op de volle 3 dagen en andere organisatoren waaronder Robin LeBeau en Wanikiya Win Cetan Hotanka konden enkele trainingen meemaken.
Vele ‘Elders’ van de omliggende gemeenschappen namen deel en gaven en kregen aanmoediging.
Leden van de gemeenschap brachten het hele weekend door eten naar de verzet- trainingen.
Sociale en ceremoniële liederen werden gebracht door Oyuhpe Singers, van Manderson, Zuid Dakota.

Vivian High Elk, Minnecojou/Itazipco Lakota elder assisteerde Looking Horse met een water ceremonie als afsluiting van dit 14° en laatste Mocassins on the Ground training kamp.
De tour van het verzet trekt verder naar Arizona voor de première van de documentaire “Crying Earth Rise Up” op het Sedona international Film Festival, dat op 28 februari plaatsheeft. Sedona International Film Festival.

February 23, 2015

Photos Remembering Friends on Longest Walk 2 across America

Long Walk 2 in Denver and Western Shoshone land. Photo 1: Protesting Newmont gold mining in Denver, at the drum is Western Shoshone Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson. Photo 2 Daniel, Miwok, and Kenzie, Dine' at Denver powwow. Photo 3 Govinda's Earthcycles radio broadcasting bus, live with Long Talk Radio at the Denver Capitol. Photo 4: The wonderful Miwok youth singers, and long walkers, on Western Shoshone land.
Native youth long walkers Lisa and Sage being honored at the end of Long Walk 2
on the National Mall in DC.

Photo set 2: Long Walk 2 at Ben and Cat Carnes home in southern Colorado in 2008. The powerful interviews on Earthcycles Long Talk radio with Ben Carnes led to a series of dramatic events.

During the Longest Walk 2 across America, Govinda of Earthcycles and I had the honor of hosting the five-month live Long Talk Radio. Broadcasting from the Earthcycles radio bus, with solar and a satellite, we shared stories from California to DC in 2008. In these photos are a few of the extraordinary Native American youth walkers who walked across America, and friends we met along the way. In memorial, we remember Willie Lonewolf and Tomas Reyes -- Brenda, Censored News

Remembering our friends on Western Shoshone and Northern Paiute lands from Long Walk 2: Photo 1: Calvin Magpie, Cheyenne Arapahoe, runs across Western Shoshone land; Japanese long walker Yukio with Wesley Dick, Northern Paiute; Wesley with drum at home; Darlene and Jan in DC at the end of the Longest Walk. Photos by Brenda Norrell.

After the Longest Walk 2: Political Prisoners Rally, outside
Denver National Convention Denver. Ben Carnes, Choctaw,
speaking. Photo Brenda Norrell

Denver Swat team facing Ben Carnes as he spoke
at Political Prisoners Rally

Courageous resisters to US torture, at a time when this was not
a common sight. Democratic National Convention 2008 Denver.
Photo Brenda Norrell

In memorial, long walker Tomas Reyes (on left.)

In memorial Willie Lonewolf, Ute and Dine' (on right)
with Luv the Messenger. 

Long walkers on Colorado Rockies summit.
Photo Courtesy of 
Joerael Julian Elliott.