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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Louise Benally: Big Mountain Terrorized as Peabody Coal Goes Bankrupt

Benally Cattle Seized at Big Mountain
US holds Dineh hostage with huge fees to release cattle

By Louise Benally
Dineh, Big Mountain
Censored News

We are asking you to take action. Big Mountain is under siege again because Peabody Coal is losing its income from coal mining, so it is pressuring the tribal government to attack its own people. We've been opposed to the mining since 1974 when PL 93-531 was passed.  Now with the coal companies collapsing they are trying to take the only resource we have, which is our animals to eat and sell. 

They are stealing our livelihood away and holding them in pens and charging us a lot of money and refusing to bring them back to people's homes. When the animals are taken away, people can't return to their homes.  
They are holding the animals as ransom, but we don't have money because we don't have a cash economy. There is no work except for the coal mine. We need human rights and justice for the environment. This is a fight for human rights -- Animals are food. When they take our food what choice to we have? We are calling out to the world to help us apply public pressure. Demand animals be returned to owners and that the owners are allowed to decide how to manage the land and animals.

Call the Department of the Interior, the Department of Justice, and the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation refuses to help the people who are resisting relocation openly. No one is backing us up because we are resisters. This has always been stacked against us.

They are harassing and terrorizing people and when they take their animals away they can never come back to the land. They tell us we are illegally living here. We are illegal aliens basically. But I am older than PL 93-531. I was born in 1960 and that law didn't come along until 1974. That's why I don't recognize it.  I was here before."—Louise Benally,

Numbers to Call:
BIA superintendent Wendel  Honanie at( 928-738-2228),
Hopi Rangers Clayton Honyumptewa at (928-734-3601),
Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye: (928) 871-6352/6353
Department of Interior at  (602-379-6600)

Navajo President Calls for Federal Investigation into Police Shooting of Loreal Tsingine

More coverage at Censored News: Winslow Police Officer had history of misconduct and is linked to right wing extremists. 

BIA Hopi Rangers Seized Big Mountain Cattle


                                                April 6, 2016
Big Mountain Dineh Resisters to PL 93-531
434-607-7677 and 937-479-4214
Or Black Mesa Indigenous Support                                                                                                                              

April 6, 2016 – Big Mountain Dineh Bikeyah:  Today, there are up to 40 to 45 cattle impounded at an Indian police stockade on the Hopi Indian reservation. They are being withheld from Dineh (Navajos) owners unless they pay several hundreds of dollars per head, including daily fees. These cattle were confiscated on April 5th in the southeastern portion of the Big Mountain area, lands partitioned in 1977 to the Hopi Tribe by the U.S. government, despite the historical residency by Dineh herders and farmers. The Hopi Tribe's Office of Natural Resource Protection and Enforcement, backed by multi-agency law enforcement personnel, converged on this little corner of the now contested region that has, in the past, seen hostile confrontations. Law enforcement units were stationed throughout a seven square mile area, armed for intimidation of body cams, hands near their tasers, a few stayed near their vehicle and assault rifles, hands on their side arms as they monitored the roundups or documented encounters with local observers. ATVs and a couple of armed horseback riders herded the cattle to strategically located, corral panels to feed-in the roundup into four 20 ft. long stock trailers. In less than five hours, the range of rich and fresh, springtime vegetation and pure water streams was empty of livestock.      

John Benally, a Big Mountain relocation resister and who still has his parents' original grazing permit states, "This act carried out today was illegal. I have not signed any agreements with the U.S. in terms of new policies of residency status and therefore, my livestock do not fall under such jurisdiction enforced, here, today. We who are living here in Dineh Sovereign territory constantly live under a state of fear and anxiety over the fate of our animals and homes, and when such seizures of our livestock like this happens, it does not only impact our property but our state of mind." John went to the secured stockade after the confiscation and witnessed calves separated from their mothers, mixed herds jammed into small quarters, recognized ear markings belonging to his neighbors, and the animals in need of water.     

If these animals are not paid for and released back to their rightful owners, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Agency will direct the Hopi agency to put them up for auction. 

 The U.S. – BIA Hopi, Office of Natural Resource Protection and Enforcement's implementation of ordinances are utilized as mere attacks by the "progressive" Hopis (U.S.-supported corporate tribal board) against Dineh existence with these genocidal tactics to obliterate the last of Dineh Big Mountain history and the ancient Dineh-Hopi cultural relations. Furthermore, underlining these lands are not only coal but the so-called Mancos Shale which is hundreds of feet thick and will likely accommodate fracking after coal dependence is reduced.

John Benally and his local, affected neighbors who all have experienced years of this harsh anti-Indian policies are demanding for the immediate release of the animals confiscated, and that no payment of release be enforced. It is also reiterated that, this is an act of gross human rights violation of such clauses pursuant to rights to food and economic security, and it is an act of genocide by forcibly limiting or eliminating cultural practices. Traditional Dineh subsistence, dependent upon pastoral life style, as well as Dineh's animal husbandry are intertwined with cultural and religious survival.

It is asked that people immediately contact the BIA superintendent Wendel Honanie at (928-738-2228)

·         Hopi Chairman Herman G. Honanie,  Email:, Phone: (928) 734-3102
  • The Hopi Rangers Clayton Honyumptewa at (928-734-3601),
  • The Department of Interior at  (602-379-6600)


Land Defenders Spirit Camp Photos Joye Braun

Photos by Joye Braun

Dakota, Lakota and Nakota land defenders establish Spirit Camp to halt Dakota Access pipeline on Standing Rock in North Dakota.

More photos: Land Defenders Ride into Cannonball, North Dakota. Photos by Waniya Locke

Big Mountain Resistance Region, BIA-Hopi Impound Animals

Photos cattle seizure at Big Mountain

By NaBahii Keediniihii
Censored News

April 5, 2016 - Old Dams at Big Mountain - Images are a bit unclear as to what animals are being rounded up but its very likely horses. No immediate information came with the photos but one blurb states, "four stock trailers were filled with cattle." Other images seem to show police on horseback chasing horses in the distance. Invasion on traditional Dineh territory and areas of the 40 years of resistance in progress!

All major (dirt) routes within the Dineh resistance areas were recently improved, a sign of range policing. These are mere attacks by progressive Hopis (U.S.-supported corporate tribal board) against Dineh existence, genocidal tactics to obliterate the last of Dineh Big Mtn history and the ancient Dineh-Hopi cultural relations. Underlining these lands are not only coal but the so-called Mancos Shale (named after Mancos, CO) which are hundreds of feet thick and will likely accommodate fracking after coal dependence is gone. 

The worst part of the Big Mtn. Dineh resistance scenario, in addition to that, is that, people think "It's Over." But it either dies tomorrow or can be re-ignited in an instant with the potential for a long-term land-base, multi-cultural and diverse peoples' rebellion against regional and global environmental destruction.

I (we) have not, so far, heard of any claims to animals taken, but this just happened today. About a week ago, there were a large numbers of horses in this corner of the range unit. Usually there's only cattle and the local elder's sheep herd.

-NaBahe Keediniihii Katenay, Dineh On Land Coordinator

(photos courtesy of Vangie Pedwaydon and Aaron Simonson, Big Mountain Dine'eh)


Frontera Norte Sur: Easter Wars, Narco Negotiations and Tropical Tourism

April  6, 2016

Special Report
By Frontera NorteSur

Easter Wars, Narco Negotiations and Tropical Tourism

As if the southern Mexican state of Guerrero didn't have enough troubles, an obscure force is stirring up a boiling cauldron even more. As the Holy Week/Easter holiday season that draws hundreds of thousands of Mexican tourists to Guerrero was picking up, a heretofore unknown group publicly unfurled three narcomantas, or narco banners, in the violence-wracked city of Iguala.

Signed by "The Spartans," the author(s) of the March 24 message warned of a nighttime curfew in effect for the city and declared war against several organized crime groups competing for control of the opium poppy/heroin trade, including La Familia Michoacana, Los Rojos, Sierra Unida and Guerreros Unidos.  The banners mentioned by name members of the Federal Police allegedly in cahoots with Guerreros Unidos.
Splashed with vigilante-like language and references to God, the message promised a "cleansing" of criminals in the northern tier of Guerrero, warning that The Spartans were also present in Mexico state, Mexico City, Puebla and Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Not long after the banners were rolled out, the family home of an individual denounced in the message had a grenade tossed at it by a man traveling on a motorcycle.

Winslow Police Protest 'Justice for Loreal' Photos Klee Benally

Photos by Klee Benally
Police officer had history of misconduct
Officer linked to right wing extremist
Updated April 5, 2016

Native Americans joined by Southwest residents protested the Winslow, Arizona, Police Department today, April 2, 2016. Loreal Tsingine, 27, Navajo, was shot five times and killed this week by a white police officer. Winslow, located on the southern border of the Navajo Nation has a long history of violence toward Native Americans.
Read article by Klee Benally

Indigenous Action
French translation by Christine Prat:
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, NAIS

News update: Officer who murdered Loreal had a history of misconduct:

Censored News wants access to Panama Papers data

(Image PBS)

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Wikileaks countered the soft shoe approach of the Panama Papers and questions the motives of failing to expose US individuals involved in offshore accounts.
Censored News wants access to the full set of data. No one who has the data now knows the secret players in Indian country.
One man in a key trial in Indian country admitted lying under oath and hiding millions in an offshore account.
Also, there are billions unaccounted for from casinos in Indian country. The lobbyists and investor billionaires should be tracked.
Then there are the payouts of the Cobell settlement. Non-Indian attorneys received the largest payout, while Native Americans who were swindled out of oil and gas royalties were swindled a second time by the US and these attorneys.
The Panama Papers reveal fortunes hidden in the names of wives of corrupt politicians and corporations.
No one who has the data now is familiar with the wives in Indian country.
Finally, Native Americans from one tribe want to know what has happened to the revenues absorbed by their "globe trotting chief" who heads a global corporation with offices around the world.
The commercial media in Indian Country is not likely to do any serious investgative reporting. The national news in Indian country is controlled by casino dollars and relies primarily on copy and paste, plagiarism and rewrites.
So, allow Censored News and our fellow news publishers, which includes Mohawk Nation News, access to this data.

See: Wikileaks counters Panama Papers: They are part of the broken system that allows ijusticepanama-papers-leaker-being-soros-funded-soft-power-tax

Please share our authentic links.
Stay at home news plagiarizers are not journalists. They are part of the broken system that allows injustice to happen.

Brenda Norrell created Censored News after being censored and terminated as a long time staff reporter at Indian Country Today. She has been a journalist in Indian country for 34 years, beginning at Navajo Times during the 18 years that she lived on the Navajo Nation. She was a stringer for AP covering federal courts and stringer for USA Today. She traveled through Mexico with the Zapatistas and is now blacklisted by all the commercial media.
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