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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Impoundments: Big Mountain Under Siege Again

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APRIL 2016

We are writing to report more attacks against the communities of Black Mesa in the form of livestock impoundments.

One Big Mountain resister who had several cattle impounded in this latest round says:
"They are asking $435 per cow per day and they are even counting calves that are less than a month old.  They aren't being fed hay.
They run all the animals with four runners and some cows got separated from the calves and left behind. Stop abusing the animals,

Tell the Hopi Rangers. End the harassment. Where are our human rights? Our animals need their rights. They don't need to be pinned up and abused. Stop separating the calves from their mothers.

My animals have been here for many generations. They said we are looking for trespassers but these animals are not trespassers, they have always been here."-
-Big Mountain Resister (who they are calling trespasser)
Louise Benally, of Big Mountain, made this statement:
"We are asking you to take action. Big Mountain is under siege again.
They are stealing our livelihood away and holding them in pens and charging us a lot of money and refusing to bring them back to people's homes. When they animals are taken away, people can't return to their homes.

 We need human rights and justice for the environment. This is a fight for human rights, Animals are food. When they take our food what choice to we have? We are calling out to the world to help us apply public pressure.   

Demand animals be returned to owners and that the owners are allowed to decide how to manage the land and animals.

Call the Department of the Interior, the Department of Justice, and the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation refuses to help the people who are resisting relocation openly. No one is backing us up because we are resisters. This has always been stacked against us.

They are harassing and terrorizing people and when they take their animals away they can never come back to the land. They tell us we are illegally living here. We are illegal aliens basically. But I am older than PL 93-531. I was born in 1960 and that law didn't come along until 1974. That's why I don't recognize it.  I was here before."
—Louise Benally,
Take Action:
Come to Black Mesa as a human rights observer/sheepherder. Help document and report the harassment of community members facing livestock impoundments.  Contact for details on humans rights observation. See for more information.  
***You can donate to a fund that Louise Benally's family has set up to get their livestock out of impoundment here.

***You can donate to a general Black Mesa impoundment fund here (please specify "Black Mesa Impoundments" in the designation line)

Numbers to Call to Demand an End to Impoundments:
BIA superintendent Wendel  Honanie at( 928-738-2228),
Hopi Rangers Clayton Honyumptewa at (928-734-3601),
Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye: (928) 871-6352/6353
Department of Interior at  (602-379-6600)
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W on T W I T T E R
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Paris Vigil for Loreal Tsingine Photos

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Vigil in Paris France for Loreal Tsingine, Dineh (Navajo) 27, murdered by Winslow Arizona Police Officer. The officer had a history of misconduct and is linked to right wing extremists.
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Stanford Censors Palestinians for Justice


Why was the Nakba Tour Canceled at Stanford?

April 7, 2016
Berkeley, California
By Paul Larudee
Censored News

Last night, Mariam Fathalla and Amena Elashkar were scheduled to speak at Stanford University, sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine. The previous day, I had asked Alison Weir, who has been giving talks on Palestine for 15 years all over the country, to meet with Amena and give her advice on reaching American audiences since this is Amena's first trip to the U.S. It was an excellent, fruitful meeting. 
I then said it would be valuable if Alison could hear Amena's presentation to see if she would have any suggestions. Alison is extremely busy but agreed to come down to Stanford with us for that purpose.
When Alison learned we did not yet have any written materials along to provide the audience, she brought some along with her for us to use and also gave us some of her books that we could sell to help raise money for the tour. We had already discussed that IAK would supply their excellent written materials for the tour.
We had no idea that Alison would turn out to be an issue, or that some members of the Stanford SJP would object to what Amena might wish to say.  We view Alison as an extremely committed and popular antiracist writer, speaker, and activist, and people even follow her work in refugee camps in Lebanon.  We know that some groups oppose her and If Americans Knew, but we also think that most do not, and that in any case this should not be an issue in the Nakba Tour.  Alison, however, is not not one of the national organizers of the tour, and she was not intended to be one of the speakers or to have any role in the presentation at Stanford. She was simply there as a favor to us, as described above.
However, some members of the SJP immediately objected to Alison's presence, perhaps assuming she was going to speak, and also to the presence of her book and the If Americans Knew materials. We immediately explained that Alison was not to be a speaker and was just there to sit in the audience and that we had invited her to come with us. We also agreed to remove the books, but said we were disturbed that they also wished to censor the materials we could make available on our own tour. In all my years of activism, I've never heard of such a thing.

Amena then began discussing the situation with the students, and was extremely upset when they told her that she could not speak truthfully about her feelings and the feelings of the thousands of dispossessed Palestinian refugees living in camps about their situation, about the Nakba, and about whether or not Israel has "the right to exist" that Israel partisans claim.  This was not an issue at the two previous talks.
When it became clear that they wished Amena to censor her excellent talk, she refused to do so and the event was canceled. 
We think it is extremely important that people hear from Amena and Mariam. They represent millions of Palestinian refugees whose rights and views have been trampled upon and who are often ignored. Thank you for helping us bring their voice to the discussion. It is long past time that they are heard.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Paul Larudee, Tour Coordinator

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