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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'Run For Your Life' Against Dakota Access Pipeline

April 26, 2016 On Tuesday, runners ran through Chamberlain and headed
to Lake Andes, South Dakota, for buffalo soup and to rest for the night. Photo Waniya Locke

Update Thursday from Marty, South Dakota, on the road to Santee, Nebraska, at:

(Photo above) Runners near Fort Thompson. Photo by Demaris Mexican.

Tonight's photo by Waniya Locke

Running out of Eagle Butte on Monday morning, running toward Lower Brulé, South Dakota.
  Runners made it to Eagle Butte, South Dakota and received a warm welcome on Sunday, after running across Standing Rock. Photo today by Joye Braun, Cheyenne River Lakota.

Eagle Butte runners on Monday, April 25, 2016
By Joye Braun
Near Eagle Butte Photo by Joye Braun

Standing Rock Photos by Waniya Locke

Photo by Waniya Locke

Photo 3: Three runners Shayla Gayton, Tariq BrownOtter, Bobbi Jean Three Legs are the three committed runners from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe! Photo by Waniya Locke.
Zackary Moran by Waniya Locke


Run for Your Life! Protect Sacred Water!

By Waniya Locke
Censored News
For months, both Native and non-Native peoples in the Midwest have been battling the construction of the Dakota Access/Bakken pipeline, a project that will go from North Dakota to Illinois and cross the 12,000 year old Missouri River, which is the main water resource for millions of people. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is making the final decision on whether or not to issue the last permit that Dakota Access, LLC needs to construct the Dakota Access/Bakken pipeline on May 4th, 2016. The spirit relay run is from Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to the office of the Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha, Nebraska, to deliver the message to the Army Corps that we resist a pipeline crossing beneath sacred water needed for life. The run will be approximately 500 miles and take about a week, with the runners passing off the run to one another, relay style.

For the latest photos and videos from the run, go to the Homepage of Censored News!

Dutch translation by Alice Holemans, at NAIS:

Exploiters of Gold King Mine Spill: McCain and University of Arizona

Photo: Nihigaal bee Iina walkers to sacred mountains
lend a hand to Navajo farmers in Shiprock, N.M. following
the devastating toxic Gold King mine spill.

While McCain showboats with the Gold King Mine spill, and the University of Arizona profiteers from misery, Arizona and national media go brain dead, awarded Hypocrite Media Award

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Dutch translation by Alice Holemans at NAIS

Arizona Senator John McCain is exploiting the Gold King Mine spill and the media is lapping it up like mindless robots.

It comes as no surprise that researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson will be making big money, $600,000 to study the spill.

This is what the University of Arizona, and McCain, do best: They profiteer from misery.

While McCain is gearing up to turn Apaches sacred Oak Flat into a massive copper mine in Arizona, McCain weeps to the press about the gold mine spill, pretending to morn the loss of water and crops for Navajo farmers. 

The media collects McCain's tears, publishing his false words with solace. After all, McCain would not still be on the US Senate Committee for Indian Affairs if the media was not bolstering him, with corporate criminals paving the way.

During a Congressional field hearing with the US EPA in Phoenix, McCain said he wants the Justice Department to investigate the Gold King Mine spill. But who will investigate McCain?

Arizona's media has become wimps.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Arizona will be making big money to study the spill.

Imagine what Navajo grassroots farmers could do with $600,000. Many Navajo farmers in the Shiprock, N.M., area lost their corn, bean and squash because they had no water to irrigate with after the EPA's reckless toxic spill.

Exploitation of Indigenous for dollars is what the University of Arizona does best.

Calling for a boycott of the university, Ofelia Rivas, O'odham has boycotted the University of Arizona for years, due to the role the university plays in the militarization of the border, creation of drones, and the targeting of Indigenous Peoples with the development of security and spyware.

Wendsler Nosie, Apache, also boycotts the university, following his arrest by university police while Nosie was praying on sacred Mount Graham. The University of the Arizona and the Pope took the lead in desecrating sacred Mount Graham with massive telescopes. The University of Arizona, the Pope,and the universities they partnered with, ignored and attempted to silence Apaches during the long years of court, and personal struggles, spent battling the construction of the massive telescopes on sacred Mount Graham.

Which brings us back to the desecration of Apaches sacred land.

While McCain and Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick showboat for their adoring media, they continue plans for a massive copper mine on Apaches' sacred Oak Flat. McCain sneaked the land exchange into the the US Defense spending bill.

The fact that McCain is still on the US Senate Committee for Indian Affairs is a clear indication of the collapsed US government system. It indicates that the media is in the bowels of this system.

The Arizona and national media -- including the stay-at-home reporters of Indian Country Today, -- are awarded the Hypocrite Media Award for flopped coverage.

As for the US EPA, the fact that the US EPA rubber stamps the environmental impact statements throughout Indian country, the border, and wherever poor people live -- devastating water, land and air -- is proof enough that the US EPA should not be trusted or believed.

And neither should McCain.

In August 2015, an estimated 3 million gallons of acid water and heavy metals spilled from the Gold King Mine into Colorado's Animas River, eventually flowing into the San Juan River, the primary source of irrigation for Navajo Nation farmers. The spill was caused by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA claims it was done while trying to prevent leakage of toxic materials.

Mohawk Nation News 'Low Intensity Warfare'



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MNN. 26, 2016. Today the men went to the HDI office at Six Nations, took bar lawyer Aaron Detler to the edge of the community. He was turned over to the OPP and told to never return. His activities are known as “low intensity warfare”.
Never mind Syracuse. We have to head over to Six Nations.
Never mind Syracuse. We have to head over to Six Nations.
Counter Intelligence Program COINTELPRO of the 1960s and 1970s was to sabotage our reputations, rights and activities. It was designed to neutralize our potential. Agents are set up to expose, disrupt, misdirect and discredit us.OPPIt is coordinated with local police, prosecutors, media, business, foundation executives,  universities, churches and patriotic organizations. All directed by the military industrial complex from the Indian Affairs “war room” on the 14th floor.
Crookd lawyers graveyard.
Crooked lawyers graveyard.
Political repression is necessary to control the disadvantaged. The government has to look “democratic”. Business and industry rely on them to do unprofitable work like run post offices, airports, roads, job training, pacifying workers and covert operations.
The European state system is based on a monarchical model which is controlled by a small elite. Propaganda and espionage is used to control the people. KKK, skinheads, Nazi Party and other racist groups are a European invention. In the 1930s Germany and Japan set up mass demonstrations to support fascism. Homeland Security now runs this program to go after onkwe’hon:weh communities.
The effort to eliminate our great peace and our blood lines that attach us to our land is necessary to turn great turtle island into an advanced police state.
Indian Affairs in Ottawa is run by the Canadian military. We are being scapegoated as the cause of Canada’s problems.
Could a bar lawyer scumbag be rehabilitated?
Could a bar lawyer scumbag be rehabilitated?
Psychological warfare tactics that were designed include charging us with phony crimes, sending in vigilantes and provocateurs. They maintain strong central control to seize every chance to carry out disruptive activity among us. Their agents make proposals that are divisive, sabotage important activities, squander scarce resources, steal funds, seduce leaders, promote rivalries, provoke jealousy and publicly embarrass their opponents. They lead people into unnecessary dangers and set them up for prosecutions.
'I'm seriously thinking of firing you as my lawyer.'
‘I’m seriously thinking of firing you as my lawyer.’

“Bad jaketing” is calling one of ours a government or police agent to draw attention away from the real rat. It causes confusion, distrust, paranoia, wastes time, splits minds, expulsions and violence.
Canada cannot legally spy on its people. Covert action by foreigners is used by the government. Low intensity operations were practiced on us in Kanehsatake in 1990 when Col. Musgrave of MI-5 was brought in to develop tactics to break us down and ATF was at Caldonia directing the OPP.
The government subsidizes arms, sordid racist and right wing thugs. In our communities we are always supposed to know who everybody is, their grandparents, parents, families and relations. They will never stop repressing until we are all assimilated or eliminated.
Jim Morrison sang about strangers in your community. “People are strange when you’re a stranger. Faces look ugly when you’re alone. Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted. Streets are uneven when you’re down. When you’re strange faces come out of the rain. When you’re strange no one remembers your name. When you’re strange, when you’re strange. When you’re strange”. 
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VIDEO: Tribute Song for Runners 'Run for Your Life'

'Run for Your Life' No Dakota Access Pipeline
Runners Made it to Fort Thompson
April 26, 2016
Photo by Demaris Mexican
Click arrow below to wach and listen to Lakota Honor Song for Runners

More photos of runners from Standing Rock and Eagle Butte at:

VIDEO 'Run For Your Life' NO! Dakota Access Pipeline!

Photo Joye Braun Runner April 25, 2016

April 26, 2016 Posted by Panda Kim

More photos of runners from Standing Rock and Eagle Butte:

Mohawk Nation News 'Deep Impact'



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MNN. 26 April 2016. In the movie “Deep Impact” an asteroid hit the ocean. The two mile high waves traveled 600 miles an hour and covered the Eastern Seaboard of great turtle island, except for the high hilly country.
There's Syracuse. Just up ahead!
Syracuse is just up ahead!
rotino’shonni have always been in the Northeast. “Deep integration” is a secret economic and cultural shafting by a small group of high powered US, Mexican and Canadian businessmen. It’s called “deep integration”.  After decades of “deep infiltration” by corporate interests of all institutions, including government, military and finance the plan is really “deep subjugation” of everybody on great turtle island.
It was set up to bypass the elected members of Parliament and Congress. Canada uses “Orders in Council” which don’t need scrutiny or debate in Parliament. The US President makes executive orders. The Prime Ministers Office has complete dictatorial powers, as Stephen Harper showed by suspending Parliament for two months.Prorogue. Together they are trying to use their power to control ono’ware:keh, the territory of the rotino’shonni. ego
All important decisions are being made by a cabal of corporate executives. They have usurped the powers of Parliament and Congress.
The “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” SPP in Canada was started by 150 members of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, an organization of CEOs.
ono'ware:keh, great turtle island.
kanienkeh of ono’ware:keh, great turtle island.

In January 2003 plans were laid for the integration of Canada’s and US’s energy markets, regulations, trade rules, and security strategy.  Three main categories are 1. Harmonizing rules and regulations, 2. Delivering onkwe’hon:weh natural resources to industry, and 3. Combining North American security forces and information.
The Jury of peers to hear Jones v. NYS Troopers Sept. 20?
The jury of peers hear Jones v. NYS Troopers Sept. 20 in Syracuse NY?!
The big one is combining military forces with US officers commanding Canadian forces in all situations.  Northcom has already been invited by treaty first signed by Paul Martin [Liberal] and then reaffirmed by Harper [Conservative] to take over Canada. indian wisdom The bottom line is a “prosperity agenda” and a “security agenda”.
We the rotino’shonni are always their number one target because we resist assimilation into the corporate matrix.
As the British band, Pink Floyd, explains: “Us and them, and after all we’re only ordinary men. Me and you. God only knows it’s not what we would chose to do. “Forward” he cried from the rear and the front rank died. The general is sat and their lines on the map move from side to side. Black and blue, and who knows which is which, and who is who? Up and down, and in the end it’s only round and round and round..” 
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Secret Klamath Dam Discussions Part 2: Endangered Suckers Dead on Lost River

Photo Oregon Wild

Secret Klamath Dam Discussions: Part 2

Endangered Suckers Dead on Lost River

By Kayla Godowa-Tufti
Censored News
Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon
April 262016

Dozens of endangered Lost River and short nose suckers trapped and dying in pools below Anderson Rose Dam were found by volunteers of a conservation organization Sunday, April 24th. 

The US Bureau of Reclamation shut off significant flows of water down the Lost River in the Upper Klamath Basin. The result has stranded critically endangered fish attempting to swim upstream to spawn.

The endangered suckers are intended to be protected under the Klamath Tribes Treaty of 1864 and are of extreme cultural significance to the Tribes.

No news release has been issued nor any legal enforcement enacted by the Klamath Tribes regarding the current condition of the endangered suckers.

"For years, politicians and federal agencies have focused on glad-handing and declaring mission accomplished in the Klamath Basin, while conditions for fish and wildlife have continued to get worse," said Steve Pedery, Conservation Director for Oregon Wild

"This stranding and fish kill is the direct result of efforts to prioritize water for agribusiness over the survival of fish and wildlife."
Oregon Wild volunteers discovered the fish kill and the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offices in Klamath Falls were immediately alerted. 

According to a release dated April 25th 2016, "stranded and dying suckers were rescued from pools below Anderson Rose, and carried downstream to segments of the Lost River where water was still flowing and released. 

Some of the fish were as much as 29 inches and length, and estimated to be 30 years old. It is unclear how many fish died as a result of the water shut-off."

Largest Dam Removal Effort in the Nation. Signed. April 6, 2016
Wednesday April 6th 2016, yet other water agreement was signed in Klamath, California on the Yurok Reservation.

Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., Pacific Power President and CEO Stefan Bird, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, NOAA Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, representatives of the Yurok, Karuk, and Klamath tribes, non-governmental organizations, and farmers and ranchers from the Klamath Basin were present to become signatory parties.

The false impression has been given that all Klamath Tribal members support yet another water settlement, though it has not been discussed by membership. Most are not even aware this new settlement exists.

Far too long the Klamath agreements have stalled the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) process that would ultimately determine the dams are out of compliance and must be removed.

The Klamath agreement issue is, who is paying for dam removal?

The "Historic dam Removal" campaign is set up to generate political push back against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dam removal re-licensing process.

Signatory tribes and front groups have used scare tactics to garner support and protect wealthy PacifiCorp shareholders from paying for dam removal.

The Hoopa Valley Tribe (one of the remaining non-signatory tribes) tactic of forcing the hand of FERC to get PacifiCorp to proceed with relicensing of the dams certainly has better odds of removing the deteriorating dams, than the glorified Klamath agreements.

Dam removal cannot be forced with the current Klamath water agreements in place. The Klamath agreements will cost tax payers $750 million over a 15-year period.
The Hoopa Valley Tribe received over 50 letters of support from federally recognized tribes from across the United States in their efforts to oppose the Klamath agreements.

Warren Buffet, owner of PacifiCorp, has an overabundance of wealth because he has a manipulative mind for business. He has found tenacious individuals to lobby for PacifiCorp dam removal, Tribes and front groups alike.

With the current Klamath agreements in place, California and Oregon tax payers will pay for dam removal. Leaving Buffet's corporation exempt of financial responsibility.

Members of the Hoopa Valley Tribe and Klamath Tribes refuse to endorse the fatally flawed Klamath agreements because they unilaterally terminate tribal water rights. Rights that are intended to be enforced to protect the environment.

Andrew Malcolm, Communication Director for Senator Greg Walden of Oregon, has stated,
"[Gentry, Chairman of the Klamath Tribes] doesn't like the word 'waive,' but in reality, once the agreements become permanent, that's what they're doing."

Secret Water & Treaty Rights Protection (WTRP) Team Meetings
The Water & Treaty Rights Protection (WTRP) team has met every Tuesday in April 2016 in Chiloquin, Oregon. The April 19th meeting, an enrolled Klamath Tribal member was denied access due to "confidentiality".

In order to be invited to join the various secret Klamath water meetings, individuals are required to sign confidentiality agreements and agree to a predetermined outcome.

The WTRP team consists of members of Klamath Tribal council Don Gentry, Vivian Kimbol, Kathy Hill, Anna Bennett, Biologist, Larry Dunsmoor, and Native American Rights Fund (NARF) representatives Sue Noe and David Gover.

The WTRP team would not provide said tribal member with any written reason why he could not attend this meeting nor any set of official Tribal Bylaws for this team to state their mission or purpose.

There was no prior indication on the Tribal council April 2016 schedule the WTRP meetings are confidential. Three individuals who are not tribal members are part of the team, but the enrolled member was denied.

It is every Tribal member's right to have a voice in the major decisions that directly impact our treaties, culture, home, environment and families. It is shameful that so many elected officials deliberately do not involve their people solely out of selfishness and greed.

No minutes or materials are available to Klamath Tribal members for the WTRP meetings.

The Day the Suckers Died
Ironically, the day endangered suckers were found dead on the Lost River, members of the Klamath Tribes council Don Gentry, Taylor Tupper-David and Shawn Jackson were attending the 2016 Annual Tribal Self-Governance Consultation Conference in Florida.

The website for the Tribal Self-Governance Consultation Conference describes the location at the host hotel, Buena Vista Palace and Resort -

"[The host hotel, Buena Vista Palace and Resort], is located on 27 lush acres, across the street from Disney Springs™ in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  This hotel offers 1,014 tastefully appointed rooms and suites offering everything you and your family need for a restful vacation in the heart of the action.
As an Official Walt Disney World® Hotel, Buena Vista provides guests a wide range of exceptional benefits, including a complimentary shuttle service to Disney Theme Parks, exclusive discount booklet on dining and entertainment, preferential tee time booking at four Walt Disney World® Golf championship courses, and much more."
This year's conference theme is "Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future."

Tribal Community Meetings for Klamath Tribal members only are scheduled for the following dates:

Monday May 2nd, 2016 at Portland – Doubletree Lloyd Center @ 7pm
Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 at University of Oregon Longhouse @ 6pm
Wednesday May 4th, 2016 at Shilo in Klamath Falls @ 6pm

Are Klamath Tribal members going to be notified at these upcoming meetings that their tribe is now party to yet another water agreement?

The Klamath Tribes recent news release clearly states that the agreement must be approved by General Council for the Tribes to participate as a Party, yet most Tribal members remain entirely unaware another water agreement has been signed.

The Klamath Basin Hydroelectric Settlement (KHSA) as amended and this new settlement, still have not been determined to be in the best interest of the Klamath Tribes by the Klamath Tribes General Council. (General Tribal Membership with voting power)

These Klamath water agreements and secret meetings do nothing to heal historical and spiritual damages for Klamath, Modoc, Yahooskin people. By securing water primarily for agricultural purposes, these accords perpetuate damages and continue to inflict pain, trauma and division amongst our people.
As we enter into the summer drought season, there are significant issues defenders of our sacred water must prepare for. These issues are political, but most importantly spiritual.

For all people who have an everlasting cultural and spiritual connection to the Klamath Basin and its waters, please demand that these secret meetings stop now.

"[We want to] have a future for the tribal people, including the Hoopa tribal people, that exists and does exist because of the fish in the water in our communities," Mike Orcutt, Fisheries Department Director for the tribe, said. "That's the hope, a sustainable future for us all."
A special thanks to the Hoopa Valley Tribe for their tireless commitment to defend their water rights for the well-being of the entire Klamath Basin.
Help support an effort that will truly "Undam the Klamath and bring the salmon home."

Naat ciiwapk diceew'a "We help each other; We will live good."


Kayla Godowa-Tufti is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs of Oregon and a descendant of the Klamath, Modoc, Yahooskin peoples of the Upper Klamath Basin. An Indigenous rights/water advocate and freelance journalist residing in Kalapuya Territory, Oregon.

(Photo Credit: Oregon Wild)

(Photo Credit: Oregon Wild)

(Photo Credit: Oregon Wild)

(Photo Credit: Oregon Wild)

Mohawk Nation News 'We Will Stay'



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Apr. 25, 2016. The great peace is based on the original instructions to survive and coexist with each other and all nature.
Where's 100 Clinton St. South, Syracuse? We'll need some parking!
Where’s 100 Clinton? We’ll need some water, grass, parking out front!
In the midst of our territory an historic trial is starting on September 20, 2016, in Syracuse. NY. NYS Troopers attacked us in 1997. We’ve been invaded, attacked, 99% of us have been killed off and the remainder have been pauperized, marginalized and colonized. We are hanging on by our fingernails.
Prime Minister Trudeau committed a crime by selling weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia to kill men, women and children and desecrate their land. He should be held accountable for war profiteering. He is determined to destroy Alberta’s boreal forest to turn it into oil. He should be held accountable by the community of nations.
Trudeau has no colonial baggage?
Trudeau has no colonial baggage?
When a disaster is coming, we have a duty to go to the top of the tree of peace. Like an eagle we have to look afar. We are to warn of an impending disaster. rotino’shonni stand for freedom and peace for everything alive worldwide.
True democracy came out of the minds of the onkwe’hon:weh of great turtle island.  Everyone is equal, has a voice and decisions are by concensus. TV-1
Our hardships are because of a transplanted hierarchical system from Europe that was superimposed on top of our egalitarian model. It is a system of 51% majority rules, versus our concensusal decision making model. This structure gradually crashes down on itself because it tries to corrupt the natural world and human nature.
Unless the corporate matrix is changed to our model the 1% will destroy everything and everyone. There is a catastrophe brewing. As long as great turtle island remains in our hands, it will be saved.
We are the spokespeople for our mother, the earth. The corporate matrix is trying to shut us up, eliminate us or demonize us for complaining about their war economy.
We rotino’shonni are the caretakers of the most populous area of northeastern great turtle island. Wall Street, the UN, major ivy league schools and West Point are on our territory. Control of the world by the corporate-government-military-industrial complex emanates from here.
'Chief, do you swear not to speak with a forked tongue?'
History has shown that leadership by force never works. The colonial usurpers following the 51% corporate matrix system will ultimately fight each other to oblivion.
As Jackson Brown asks the onkwe’hon:weh: “Won’t you stay just a little bit longer? Oh, please, please, please. Say, you, say you will”.
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Secretary of State, John Kerry,
U.S. President Barak Obama,
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