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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

'Mining and Resistance in Dinetah' Laura Flanders Show

Devastation and resistance: Peabody Coal and Dineh relocation on Black Mesa. 
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The Laura Flanders Show

The Real News Network

A special episode-length documentary filmed on location in Dinétah; the name of the land of the Navajo people, spanning parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. 21 Billion tons of coal, the largest deposit in the US with an estimated value of 100 billion dollars, lay untouched in Dinétah until 1966. In that year, Peabody Coal Company leased the land in an agreement with a Hopi tribal council they helped form. In 1974, Congress passed the Navajo-Hopi Land Settlement Act, commonly known as “the relocation law." It divided about 2 million acres of land previously shared between Diné and Hopi tribes. Nearly overnight, the homes of tens of thousands of Diné and several hundred Hopi were now illegal.

Since then, an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 Diné people have been forcibly relocated. Today, only a small group of mostly elder Diné continue to live here, and those that remain are being pressured to leave. More than 40% of homes here lack running water. Peabody Energy’s two mines here have extracted over 400 million tons of coal and depleted 70 percent of an ancient desert aquifer. Peabody’s Kayenta coal mine fuels the Navajo Generating Station, which is owned by the US Department of the Interior and provides water and electricity to Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. What is the cost, paid in the lives of the Navajo people, of the water and power delivered to these cities? On the anniversary of the founding of the United States, we visit with Diné (Navajo) youth and elders coming together to fight for the survival of their culture, fighting against displacement caused by US government policy, as well as exploitation caused by mining and other polluting industries.
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Zapatistas 'The CompARTE Festival and Solidarity'

The CompARTE Festival and Solidarity

'Organize yourselves to celebrate humanity in the face of the machine'

The CompARTE Festival and Solidarity
July 2016
Compañeroas of the Sixth:
Artists from the five continents:
Teachers in Resistance:
As you know, we have decided to suspend our participation in the CompArte Festival. Of course, for those who know how to read carefully, we didn’t say that the festival itself was suspended. We merely indicated that we as Zapatistas would not be able to contribute. So if someone thought the former and decides not to participate, well then we apologize because we know you already took on expenses. No one should give orders to the Arts. If there is a synonym for freedom, perhaps the last bastion of humanity in the worst situations, it is the arts. We Zapatistas neither can nor should—nor has it even crossed our minds—to tell the workers of art and culture when they should create or not. Or worse, impose a topic on them and, using the originary peoples in rebellion as justification, drag out concepts of “cultural revolutions,” “realisms,” and other arbitrary notions that merely hide what is some kind of cop determining what is “good art” or not.

Steve Melendez 'Can we really call it a victory?'

Can We Really Call It A Victory?

By Steve Melendez
Northern Paiute, Reno Sparks Indian Community
President American Indian Genocide Museum

A funny thing happened on the way to the latest government scam.   It seems that when the Western Shoshone were asked to contribute their ideas on how to distribute the money the government wanted to "give"  through the Indian Claims Commission judgment, they threw a monkey wrench into the whole operation.  
 Carrie Dann went to the United Nations about the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863 and got a response that the United States should, "freeze", "desist" and "stop" all actions against the Western Shoshone. Invariably, since the formation of the Indian Claims Commission there continue to be Indians who are apprehensive of white men bearing gifts. They would warn in the tribal meetings, "If you take the money, you are selling the land". The BIA representative present would respond, "If you take the money, you are not selling the land". Here you have a government authority, who is supposedly our trustee, who is supposedly looking after our interests, telling the people, "Take the money, you are not selling the land".
If they were not selling the land by taking the money, the tribe thought, then the government should not have a problem having the clause inserted into the Western Shoshone Claims Distribution Act: "Receipt of a share of the funds under this subsection shall not alter any treaty rights or the final decisions of the Federal courts regarding those rights pursuant to the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley."




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MNN. July 11, 2016. Nature’s rule in all living things is, “when a tree that is rooted in the ground and transferred from one place to another, the tree will no longer bear fruit as good as at its original place”. Killer pigs, killer bees, killer people! New unnatural tribes are being created on ono’ware:keh, great turtle island, taking a page from the “Secret History of the Indian Ring” [Thomas Henry Tibbles, 1923]. It’s an old tool designed by the European monarchs/bankers to kidnap, relocate, kill and use them to steal the lives and possessions of the original people naturally placed on their land by creation. Nature’s balance has been deliberately disrupted for profit.
Yeah! Let's go clean their windows!
Yeah! Let’s go clean their windows!

Creating fake INDIANS was always an extermination strategy. Whites dressed up like INDIANS. They committed atrocities against their own people, killed and scalped them, planting evidence that the INDIANS had done it. On cue media quickly put out horror stories to rouse the public against us.
The colonial settlers were outraged and demanded retaliation. The military called town meetings. People demanded violent action against us. The raging mob was deputized and took matters into their own hands. They murdered our people, wiped out our villages and nations, stole everything, took over our land and hid their atrocities.  licensing
Today these “squeegie” INDIANS attack whites to force recognition of their counterfeit ‘tribal’ identity. They descend on stores and demand tax-free rights. White supremacists, skinheads and KKK fester nearby waiting to finish the dirty work.
This is a tactic of bankers, politicians, oil companies and multi-natlonal corporations who want everybody to keep buying oil, gas, hydro and other gew gaws.
First came Squeegee kids. Now come the Vacuum kids. Bankers looking ahead!
Banksters looking ahead!
The head squeegies in the City of London are always trying to find ways to clean us out and then make us pay them. One onkwe’hon:weh took matters into his own hands. He installed solar and wind power, then sawed down the hydro poles and dismantled the wires on his property.
Mind control programming like the Handsome Lake religion in our longhouses is meant to defuse our culture, language, identity and to pacify us. The squeegies see any resistance as an excuse to put their squeegee back in the bucket and this time clean the window more thoroughly, that is, “impose martial law”! english foreign lang.
tekentiokwanhoxtah are the 49 original families who live by the kaia’nere:kowa, the great law of peace. No foreigner has a right to make us do anything on our land!
The Who’s Roger Daltrey sings about about being squeezed [The Squeeze Box]:“Momma’s got a squeeze box she wears on her chest. And when daddy gets home, he never gets no rest. Cause she’s playing all night, and the music’s alright. Momma’s got a squeeze box, daddy never sleeps at night”.
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how wolves change rivers:
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