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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Monday, September 2, 2019


Wampum 72 of the kaianerekowa provides that the soil of the earth from one end to the other [pole to pole, ocean to ocean] is the birthright of the original people who naturally occupy it. No foreign people have the right to take over the land of the inherent people. The so-called “conquest of America” is a bare-faced robbery of onkwehonweh land.

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Currant Mountain Gathering Photos by Western Shoshone Carl Bad Bear Sampson

Currant Mountain Gathering Photos 
by Western Shoshone Photojournalist Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson.

Currant Creek 2019
  Protect our Sacred Ceremony Grounds 
Western Shoshone Nation Territory 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley

URGENT! Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Oak Flat 'Terrifying'

Photo by Christine Prat


"They declared war on our religion, we must stand in unity and fight to the very end, for this is a holy war." Apache Wendsler Nosie, Sr.

By Christine Prat
Censored News

According to the site of the USDA, the Tonto National Forest is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for two actions relating to Resolution Copper mining project and a "land exchange" for the land that would be seized from Oak Flat. The actions are indicated on the site of the USDA:

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