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June 13, 2020

Groceries for Wanblee: Good hearts respond to Lakotas in quarantine without food

After the dry goods were purchased on Saturday, the fresh produce and meat were purchased on Sunday, for the trip out to Pine Ridge. The delivery was completed on Sunday
Photo by Bill Knight.

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

WANBLEE, PINE RIDGE, South Dakota -- When Lakotas in Wanblee said they were told to remain in quarantine, and then left isolated without food, readers on social media responded quickly on Friday.

In one household, Don Doyle said there was only one grocery drop provided for his family of 17 people.

That one grocery drop lasted Doyle and his house 3 days.

When the Native Sun News Today article was posted about the Lakota families without food, Natalie Stites Means, already part of a team cooking meals for those in quarantine in Rapid City, shared the article.

Among the good hearts who were heart-broken when they read the story was Bill Knight, who immediately offered to buy groceries and drive the food out from Rapid City.

"I am getting them out there tomorrow, plan on leaving at noon from Rapid," Bill said late Saturday. "Buying all the perishables (meat, fruit, and veggies) tomorrow morning."

"This is about 400 bucks worth of dried goods, plan on spending an additional $600 on meat and whatnot. A lot of people donated!" Bill said, sharing the photo above.

Among those responding immediately was Wild Idea Buffalo.

"Wild Idea Buffalo company donated 10 pounds of ground buffalo and a chuck," Bill said.

On Sunday, Bill finished purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, and delivered the carload of groceries to Wanblee.

Earlier, Native Sun News Today reporter Travis Dewes wrote the article, Wanblee: Quarantined without Food.

Dewey wrote, "At least two residents of the Eagle’s Nest district on the Pine Ridge Reservation have struggled receiving groceries while they were quarantined in their homes for possible coronavirus exposures."

Don Doyle, a resident of Wanblee, said that his house of 17 people was ordered to quarantine after his daughter had tested positive for the virus in mid-May."

The family of Phyllis Swift Hawk is also in quarantine after a relative tested positive. Phyllis' family of eleven people also ran out of food.

“I had to give up my meals a few times for my grandchildren,” she said, “but I had broth, and that’s okay too.”

Swift Hawk has been a resident of Wanblee since 1964, and has worked at Oglala Lakota College for 43 years.

Doyle, 67, was a member of law enforcement for 23 years, and his grandfather was a code talker in World War I and World War II.

At Censored News we asked Bill for permission to share this story and to share the PayPal for those who want to donate. Bill said he is keeping receipts of all expenditures to show accountability. To donate to this effort:

As always, thank you to the Good Hearts from Censored News!

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