August 2020

Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Protesters at Columbus statue in Buffalo, NY 'Take down this racist symbol of genocide and slavery'

Photo: KEN-A-RAH-DI-YO speaks to the protesters gathered in Columbus Park. He passed the statement (further down in this post) to the crowd. KEN-A-RAH-DI-YO is a representative for International Native Traditional Interchange (INTI) and is involved with the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII).

Protest Rally in Buffalo, NY’s Columbus Park Against the Columbus Statue

By Orin Langelle
Censored News


Buffalo, New York – June 14, 2020 – Around 100 people came to the city’s Columbus Park to protest the Columbus statue and demand that it be taken down. All across the country, people are taking steps to remove racist monuments and change the name of parks and other public facilities that celebrate the brutal slave-holding legacy of the Confederacy and its most prominent figures. The Confederacy served to cover up the moral outrages of slavery and dismiss the voices outrages of slavery and the voices of African-Americans whose ancestors were held in bondage, systematically kidnapped, beaten, and sexually assaulted.

Tohono O'odham Nation live: Israeli contractor destroying sacred land for spy towers during pandemic

By Ofelia Rivas
Tohono O'odham Nation
Censored News

ALI JEGK, Tohono O'odham Nation -- The integrated fixed towers are under construction with little regard for the community's well being. The water truck is racing through the community using the precious water piped at a very long distance.

The border patrols are racing through the community without regard to residences. There is very little construction protocol taken into consideration, no dust control. I am unaware of presence of any O'odham cultural monitors in our cccommunity while our sacred lands and mountain are being destroyed.

The video shows the truck coming off the mountain at high speed.

Currently the coronavirus is spreading in Arizona, with one of the highest rates in the nation for new cases. Cases are on the increase on the Tohono O'odham Nation.

These spy towers are being built by the Israeli defense contractor Elbit Systems, carrying out Apartheid security in Palestine. The contract was granted during the Obama administration and continued under the Trump administration. The contract was approved by the elected Tohono O'odham Nation government which ignored the opposition from traditional O'odham.

Copyright Ofelia Rivas================

This integrated fixed tower, spy tower, was constructed by Israel's Elbit Systems at Nogales, Arizona. The towers on the Tohono O'odham Nation will allow Border Patrol agents to stalk O'odham women, children and elderly, by way of cameras on the towers in traditional O'odham communities. The images  will be viewed on Border Patrol agents laptops.

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