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September 26, 2021

Remains confirmed of five of 10 kidnapped Yaqui from Bacum Pueblo

Yoeme family members in Bacum Pueblo.

Update Oct. 3, 2021: Bacum Yaqui Removed from Mexico President's Unveiling of 'Justice Plan.' Bacum Yaqui said identification of remains was not credible.

Bacum Yaqui were uninvited and removed as Mexico's President presented his so-called 'Justice Plan,' in Vicam, Sonora, south of the Arizona border. Bacum Yaqui are demanding the return of their kidnapped family members alive, and say the identification of remains by the government, of five of the ten men, is not credible. When they were kidnapped, the men at Bacum Yaqui Pueblo were serving as security guards. Bacum Yaqui continues its long resistance to the Sonora gas pipeline and mining in Sonora, south of the Arizona border. Bacum Yaqui said the President's 'Justice Plan' will not halt the theft of Yaqui River, by the Independence Aqueduct, for the City of Hermosillo. Bacum Yaqui said that before the men were kidnapped, the Mexican military planted drugs in their community in an attempt to dismantle the traditional Yaqui security guards. -- Grieta Collective at Censored News.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The Attorney General of Sonora said that DNA testing has confirmed the remains of five of the 10 missing Yaqui from Bacum Pueblo. The remains were found at Chichiquelite Ranch in Cajeme municipality, where the search continues along a stream bed.

The ten men from Bacum Pueblo were kidnapped when they went for a cow for a traditional feast. Yaqui, in their traditional Yoeme homeland south of the Arizona border, have been fighting energy corporations and the theft of their water.

Bacum Yaqui were kidnapped at gunpoint on July 15. In Bacum, Yaqui have been fighting a gas pipeline. Prior to the kidnappings, Bacum Yaqui said the Mexican military planted drugs in their community in an attempt to dismantle their traditional guards.

Now, lithium, in demand for electric cars, laptops and cellphones, is targeted for mining in the state of Sonora. Around the world, Indigenous Peoples are now the victims of lithium mining.

In nearby Vicam Pueblo, Water Protector Tomas Rojo -- among those leading efforts to protect Yaqui River water from theft by an aqueduct for the City of Hermosillo -- was brutally assassinated after being kidnapped in May.

On Sunday, the Attorney General in Sonora said based on the scientific tests, the remains of five of the 10 kidnapped and disappeared from Bacum Pueblo were identified.  They are:

Photo of search by Sonora Attorney General's Office

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