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September 13, 2021

Zapatista Delegation Prepares to Board Flight for Tour for Life in Europe Sept. 13, 2021

Photo by Roberto García Ortiz, La Jornada

Now! Mexico City Airport, morning of Sept. 13, 2021
Photos 2 and 3 courtesy

Assemblea catalana de suport a la Gira Zapatista 2021

By Contralinea

This Monday, September 13, a representation of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation ( EZLN ) leaves Mexico City for Europe. In the group, of 117 people of Mayan roots, is the insurgent subcommander Moisés . According to the itinerary released by the rebel indigenous organization, the commercial plane that will transfer the "airborne delegation" will take off at 12:00 hours from the Mexico City International Airport.

This second Zapatista delegation that will visit Europe is called La Extemporanea . Since last Friday they arrived in the capital of the Republic and spent the night in the premises of the Uníos collective, in the Doctores neighborhood. 

The Zapatista flight is destined for Vienna, Austria , with a stopover in Madrid, Spain. The arrival in the Austrian capital is scheduled for Tuesday 14. From Mexico City they will depart on Iberia flight IB6400 at 12:10 hours. They will leave Madrid at 20:46, Mexico time, on flight IB6402.

The Zapatista presence in Mexico City generated welcoming cultural activities and a series of groups accompany their stay in the capital of the Republic. The delegation, organized into 28 Listening and Word teams (between four and five members), one for Game and Mischief, and a Coordinating group. "The Extemporaneous can thus cover 28 corners of the European geography simultaneously," the EZLN points out in one of its communiqués.

In the coming weeks, a delegation of the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Government Council and the Front of Peoples in Defense of Land and Water will join the Zapatista delegation .

EZLN Squadron 421, the first Zapatista delegation in European lands, returned to Mexico . As it will be remembered, the group of seven Chiapas indigenous people set sail from Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, in a ship on May 3, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and crossed 30 territories.

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