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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Monday, January 25, 2021

Kumeyaay 'No Border Wall on Native Land'

Photos by John Clark-Dvorak, published with permission at Censored News

Article by Brenda Norrell 
Censored News
Updated Jan. 25, 2021

Video of Stan Rodriguez interview now on YouTube:

Kumeyaay gathered Sunday on both sides of the border to hold a ceremony, and bring attention to the environmental and cultural damage done by the border wall construction.

Standing Rock Thunderhawk Litigation Advances in Appeals Court against Morton County and TigerSwan

Photo copyright Ryan Vizzions

Standing Rock Thunderhawk Litigation Advances in Appeals Court and in Discovery Toward Trial

Columbia Students Provide Critical Assistance in Civil Rights Lawsuit  

Thunderhawk v. County of Morton, North Dakota

By Columbia School of Law
Jan. 25, 2021
Censored News
NEW YORK — Advancing yet another step toward trial set for August 2021, the Standing Rock Thunderhawk litigation is now in discovery against Morton County and TigerSwan, LLC, and briefed on qualified immunity at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. 

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