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Monday, July 19, 2021

Zapatistas have 177 in airborne delegation for Europe, 62 need passports

The Extemporaneous and a National Initiative



July 18, 2021.

To the adherents of the Declaration for Life:
To the Europe from Below and to the Left:
To the National and International Sixth:
To the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council:
To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion:
To the Collective: Llegó la Hora de los Pueblos

16 Jul, 21 La Extemporánea y una Iniciativa Nacional
Traduzione Italiano (Italiano)
Deutsch Übersetzung (Alemán)
Перевод на русский язык (Ruso)
English Translation (Inglés)
Ελληνική μετάφραση (Griego)
Traduction en Français (Francés)

From: Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.

Compañeras, compañeroas, compañeros:

Sisters, brothers, and hermanoas:

I greet you in the name of the children, women, them, elders and men of the Zapatista communities, and I communicate to you the following:

First.- We already have a strong Zapatista airborne company of 177 Zapatistas ready. It is made up in its totality by nativeso f Mayan roots, from the Cho’ol, Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Tojolabal and Castilian languages. We were born in the geography called Mexico. Our ancestors were born and died in these lands. As the Mexican State does not recognize our identity and origin, and tells us that we are “extemporaneous” (so says the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, that we are “extemporaneous” Mexicans), we have decided to baptize this unit of Listening and Word [Escucha y Palabra] as “The Extemporaneous.”

Winona LaDuke and Water Protectors Arrested: Horse Nation to the Front Line

Winona LaDuke and Water Protectors Arrested: Horse Nation to the Front Line 

Honor the Earth
Censored News
July 19, 2021

“W” is for Water Protectors taking a stand to protect the water

PARK RAPIDS, Minnesota -- Today women and other Water Protectors from across multiple communities in Minnesota sat together at the Shell River, near Park Rapids, Minnesota, in peaceful prayer to oppose the construction of Line 3, the largest tar sands pipeline ever constructed.

Seven women were arrested and zip-tied this afternoon – including Winona LaDuke, Executive Director of Honor the Earth.

These women represent many others who stand in solidarity with the protection of water across Anishinaabe treaty lands. To date, over 500 people have been arrested expressing opposition to Line 3.

Line 3 will cross underneath the Shell River in five places. The women gathered at the Shell River today are acting in collective care of their communities, standing for the rights of the Shell River, and honoring treaty rights across the waters throughout Anishinaabe territories. 

PARIS: Demands for entry of Zapatistas 'Tour for Life'

PARIS: Demands for entry of Zapatistas 'Tour for Life'

The Zapatistas delegation of 177 remains delayed in Mexico because the government refuses passports to 62 in the delegation

By free means or whatever they are called

By Somos El Medio

Paris France. July 18, 2021. Close to a thousand European organizations and personalities request the French government to expressly respond to the request they officially submitted to let the delegation of the Zapatista Air Force (FAZ) pass in S'lumil K'ajxemk'op ( formerly known as Europe). France's airspace is governed by Emmanuel Macron, an antisocial and repressive president of the republic, a former banker of the Rothschild house and who was barely 16 years old when the Mayan peasant peoples organized into the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) They took up arms on January 1, 1994 in Chiapas, where they recovered large tracts of agricultural lands in the valleys of the Lacandon jungle and created autonomous municipalities in rebellion.

Dine' Student from Pinon Wins Uranium Essay Contest

Following the uranium road

Charisma Black receives her award from Tommy Rock. (Photo courtesy of 4th World Foundation)

Diné student wins uranium essay contest

By Sandra J. Wright
4th World Foundation
Published at Beyond Nuclear International

Charisma Black, along with other students from northern Arizona, took on a challenge issued by the 4th World Foundation to research uranium mining effects on Black Mesa.

Each writer was also asked to propose actions to limit exposure to radiation.

Black was named the winner of the contest in April. On May 13, she accepted the $500 scholarship award along with a large hand-woven basket filled with traditional clothing and jewelry.

Tommy Rock, an alumnus of Northern Arizona University’s School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability, presented the award to Black.

Mohawk Nation News 'Residential School Murdered Children's Spirit Lives On'

 Posted on July 19, 2021


Mohawk Nation News

Listen at MNN:

MNN. July 19, 2021. The Canadian squatters are waiting for a messiah to save them from themselves for murdering millions of indigenous people and children to benefit their greed. So-called politicians want forgiveness, which will never come. There is no justification for the atrocities you have and continue to perform. You can hardly look us in the eye. You murdered us for our land. You will never be redeemed.

There is no happy ending for Canada. You politicians want us all to get together and be one big happy “Canadien” family. We are not Canadians. Reconciliation is a dirty word. It means you pay for your crime, give back all of the stolen property and run the gauntlet. Then you leave. 

For the corporation’s crimes of genocide, murder of the people and rape of the land, you need to just leave turtle island. When you are gone you are somebody else’s problem. You descended on us like an incurable cancer which started to eat, kill and destroy.   

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