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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Family desperate to find Ella Mae Begay, Navajo woman missing for over one month

Seraphine began her walk alone, desperate for help to find her Aunt Ella Mae who disappeared in Sweetwater over a month ago. On Wednesday, family and friends joined her.


Seraphine began her walk alone. Watch KOB4 television news coverage

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

SWEETWATER, Arizona -- The family of Ella Mae Begay, 62, of Sweetwater on the Navajo Nation is desperate for help finding her. Begay was reported missing on June 15. Now over a month later, there are no clues to what happened to her. It is now a homicide investigation.

Seraphine Warren is now walking from Arizona to New Mexico to bring awareness and get answers for her missing Aunt Ella Mae, KOB4 television news reports. 

Now: 30th Annual Mount Graham Sacred Run and Sunrise Dance

Now: 30th Annual Mount Graham Sacred Run Vanessa Nosie Apache Stronghold
Censored News 

This morning at 4:15 am we started our 30th Annual Mt. Graham Sacred Run leaving San Carlos and now entering Bylas, Arizona. Thirty years ago a vision was given showing us breaking down barriers and making our way home. Our ancestors once roamed free on the mountain being able to pray and be Apache. The government exiled our people and placed us as prisoners of war which still exist today. This run is showing that enough is enough. We will continue to exist and continue to fight for our religion and way life. We are going home!


Transcending Borders: Fifteen years outside the box at Censored News

Transcending Borders: Fifteen years outside the box at Censored News

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Looking through our censored files, it is good to remember those who had the courage to rise above the borders and restraints.

Thanks to all who shared their stories, including Kahentinetha Horn who shares her trip to Cuba at age 19, and some time with Fidel Castro. 

Thank you to Robert Free, who was at Alcatraz, Wounded Knee and the Trail of Broken Treaties, and went on to work with President Hugo Chavez to bring heating oil to Native Americans. Robert was part of a Native trade and culture exchange in Libya.

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