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September 29, 2021

Services for Paiute Shoshone Myron Dewey

Obituary Myron Charles Dewey

Myron Charles Dewey, 49, of Schurz, Nevada died unexpectedly on Sunday, September 26, 2021, from injuries sustained in a car crash. His loss was completely unexpected and the family is shocked and deeply saddened.

Myron is a citizen of the Walker River Paiute Tribe. His numunanea (Indian Name) is Ahu-auh-bud-shoe-knaw-me "Strong Thinker".

Myron was born on July 16, 1972, to Herbert Dini Jr. of Schurz and Cynthia Dewey of Bishop, CA in Schurz, Nevada. Myron attended Gabbs K-12 Schools. Myron joined the BIA Western Nevada One Firefighting crew out of Carson City. Shortly after, he joined the Black Mountain Hotshot Crew fighting fires throughout the Western United States. During this time Myron received his GED, later attending Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence Kansas receiving an Associate of Arts in Computer Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

Myron returned to Schurz with the goal of using his education to give back to his tribal community. He innovated the use of technology in his tribe’s language revitalization efforts along with advocating for an Internet infrastructure to improve education for future generations. He founded his business, Digital Smoke Signals, during this time.

Myron’s motivation for success always included family, culture, and language. With these in mind, Myron enrolled in the Indigenous Nations Studies Master’s program at the University of Kansas. Receiving his degree in 2007. Myron continued applying his education and experience to contract with Indigenous nations and communities in articulating the 21st Century technology mindset focusing on online media/film and bridging the digital divide in our communities.

Myron met the love of his life, Deborah Parker, in Tulalip, Washington. During his time in Washington, he began teaching college technology courses with Northwest Indian College including digital media and mobile app building. Focused on the youth, Myron continued his work contracting with tribes to provide video/film editing and mobile app projects. In 2014, Myron experienced a near-fatal medical complication. Through prayer and a strong, enduring spirit, he survived. This experience was a defining moment in his life. This led to an even stronger renewed effort to promote and advocate for all Indigenous peoples.

Myron’s connection to his ancestors and Creator was stronger than ever. It was at this point, he accepted and acknowledged his path forward was guided by the Great Spirit. His path led him to Standing Rock, North Dakota standing with the Water Protectors in 2016. His life, as he knew it, was changed forever. Myron’s efforts solidified his legacy as a protector for all our people (tamme no’oko numudooe). Myron received worldwide acclaim and awards for his drone work and Awake documentary. He was a visiting professor at Duke University and MIT as well.

Myron traveled the world sharing his knowledge, prayers, and passion for Indigenous peoples in Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. He was a 2010 AIO Ambassador alumni. He was a fierce advocate for MMIW, Thacker Pass, boarding school historical/cultural trauma, and against the proposed lithium mine at PeeHee Mu'ha.

Myron was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend to everyone. Myron is preceded in death by Harlan Dewey (Uncle), Gary Dewey, Sr. (Uncle) Moo’a Ridgley Bill (Grandmother), Stanford Leef, Jr. (Uncle), Roland Jackon Jr. (Uncle), Ralph Rivas (Uncle), Sampson Dewey, Sr (Uncle), Sampson Dewey Jr. (Cousin), Joe McCann (Uncle), Ed McCann (Grandpa), Mamie Dempsey (great grandma), Betty Dini-Rogers (Grandmother), Herbert Dini (Grandfather), and Alfred Rogers (Grandfather).

He is survived by Deborah Parker (Wife), Herbert Dini Jr. (Father), Cynthia Dewey (Mother), Brothers: Darrell Brown, Alex Herrera, Sean Hooper, Josh Dini, Herbert Dini III, Matthew Dini, and Francisco Dini Sisters: Rena Hooper, Gina Dini, Sofia Dina. Children: Joseph Dewey, Taylor Dewey, Wetuah Dewey, Kayah George, Cedar George-Parker, and Jonathan West (too'a). He is also survived by numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Myron is a Protector of the Sacred. He carried the natusooa (medicine) for the people. He offered the medicine to all in need.

Myron’s Viewing will be held Thursday, 9/30 at 5-6 pm for immediate family, and 6-8 pm for friends & family at Smith’s Funeral Home 505 Rio Vista Drive Fallon, NV. 89406.

Myron’s Cry Dance will be held Friday, 10/1 at 6 pm (dusk), dress warm (outside), at the Walker River Paiute Reservation on Myron’s property (follow signs) Schurz, NV 89427.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday, 10/2 at 11 am Walker River Gym, 1127 Cotton Wood Drive, Schurz, NV 89427 with a Water Protector escort from Gym to Cemetery. *Traditional dinner to follow

If we omitted anyone, we apologize in advance.

Longest Walk 2008, Paiute and Vision of Wovoka

By Brenda Norrell
Human rights editor
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report
Censored News, publisher
Photos Brenda Norrell.

STILLWATER, Nevada – Paiute elder Dell Steve said Wovoka had a great vision and encouraged Indian people to rejoice. This was mistaken as an uprising by US soldiers and those who followed Wovoka’s vision were massacred at Wounded Knee, S.D.

Speaking to the Longest Walk northern route's talk radio, Steve said Wovoka told of a time when the Indian people would regain their land and the buffalo would return. Steve said now the earth is being destroyed by technology and abuse.

When asked what people could do to stop the destruction, Steve said, “It is too late.”
Describing the struggle to protect the remains of their ancestors, Steve said the Paiute are engaged in a battle in the Ninth Circuit Court for the return of the remains of one of their ancestors, “Spirit Cave Man,” found at a cave in Grimes Point. The remains are among the oldest human remains found on this continent, dating back 9,000 to 10,000 years.

September 28, 2021

Zapatistas in Vienna, Austria 'There is a Woman. Against the Destruction of Nature. Vienna, Austria'

Watch video below. Zapatista women in Vienna, Austria.

THERE IS A WOMAN. Against the destruction of nature. Vienna, Austria

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Vienna, Austria. In the voice of compañera Libertad, September 24, 2021.

Good afternoon.

These are our brief words in the form of a short story:

There is a woman.

The color of her skin does not matter, because she has all colors.

Her language does not matter, because she understands all languages.

Neither her race nor her culture matter, because all ways of being live in her.

Her size does not matter, because she is huge and nevertheless fits in one hand.

Every day and at all moments that woman is assaulted, beaten, wounded, raped, mocked and despised.

A male exerts his power over her.

Every day and every hour, she comes to us [nosotras, nosotros, nosotroas].

She shows us her wounds, her pain, her grief.

And we only give her words of consolation and pity.

Or we ignore her.

Perhaps as alms we give her something with which to treat her wounds.

But the man continues his violence.

We all know how this ends.

She will be murdered and with her death everything will die.

We can continue to give her only words of encouragement and medicine for her wounds.

Or we can tell her the truth: the only medicine that can cure her and heal her completely is for her to confront and destroy the one who is hurting her.

Knowing this, we too can unite with her and fight by her side.

We Zapatistas call that woman, “Mother Earth.”

As for the man who oppresses and humiliates her, give him whatever name, face, or shape you want.

We, the Zapatista peoples, call that murderous man capitalism.

And we have arrived at these geographies to ask, to ask of you:

Are we going to go on thinking that we can treat today’s blows with salve and painkillers, even though we know the wound will be bigger and deeper tomorrow?

Or are we going to fight alongside her?

We the Zapatista communities have decided to fight together with her and for her.

That is all we can say.

Thank you for listening to us.
Vienna, Austria, Europe, Planet Earth.
September 24, 2021.

Mohawk Nation News 'The Cross and The Sword'

The Cross and The Sword

Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. 28 Sep. 2021. For “Wreck’conciliation Day on September 29 take down every cross on our turtle island to help stop the genocide. How does the white man define “reconciliation”. They cannot be forgiven for murder of millions of our people. It’s unconscionable.  The cross is like the swastika of the Nazis which was worshipped like the crosses by Canadiens. Hardly anyone goes to church today. They won’t miss the crosses when they are gone.

For centuries crosses were the sword like the more recent atomic bomb. The sword became the cross for genociding and subjugating peoples all over the world. We call this ka-tseh-nen ion-ki-ionni. They attempted to make us into household pets. The Catholics went overboard with the cross symbolisms. Most churches put the cross on their roofs to be identified as Christians and to be tax-free.

The explorers knelt down and put the sword into the ground as an act of war, conquest or subjugation. We were totally unaware what the act meant to them. The sword was the “cross” of the Christian religion which was the path of genocide, not a symbol of peace. Our experience with the cross has been systemic hatred, injustice and racism.

The sword disguises itself as something good. In fact all churches have been deceptively evil. Catholic followers cross themselves, bow, kneel and worship this symbol. They glorify and celebrate nailing Jesus to the cross and baking him to death in the sun. Priests cross people who then cross themselves to acknowledge their submission to him.

the ultimate weapon

The churches got away with murder. Confession gives them a right to be silent on all the evil they do.

The sword in the ground is 100% related to what happened to our murdered children that the government and churches hid in unmarked graves throughout turtle island. That declaration of war against us and our children continues. They came on our land and killed us. We defended ourselves. They stuck that sword into the heart of our mother earth. 

kaianerekowa, the great peace, does not allow foreign hate signs. When the intruders came we watched them and helped them like they were our brothers. Then they forced their unnatural thinking on on us. They said the Crown would treat us like a father and unilaterally made us ‘wards’ of the state without our knowledge. They worked slowly on us with that cross. The mind conditioning gave them power. They groomed us to obey them and their dubious ‘faith’. It was a con to set us up for their secret plan to completely genocide us.

Leonard Cohen of Montreal misinformed that it’s beautiful that we Mohawks are ‘losers’! 

Rather than declaring war and using weapons, we were eliminated. Residential schools yanked our babies from the arms of our mothers, taking us, violating us and then putting us in the ground. The church and government were in total control of the murders. They eliminated eye witnesses.

Their demonic thinking controls their flock. The puppet band and tribal councils still go along with them.

Those who stayed with the great peace were disrespected, tormented and ostracised to destroy the great peace. Agreements and treaties were made with people who were traitors which continues. Creation made our minds so we could protect ourselves. That’s when the government kidnapped our children and hired the churches to murder them so there would be no more onkwehonweh. The purpose of reconciliation is to violate the two row treaty by pulling us out of our canoe and forcing us into their ship.

We always tried to remind the Crown of its responsibility to follow the treaties and human rights. Groups were created by the Crown to help carry out the genocide.

The sword and the cross destroyed the minds of many but not all.  

The cross on Mount Royal in tianni tiotakon[Montreal] claims our land for France and for the church. No natives ever ceded any land to France. That cross should come down first. Also the many crosses in kahnawake continue to confuse us, when we are capable of taking care of ourselves without their obstructions. Every cross represents the squatters claim to our land on behalf of the Crown. It’s  lit up and fancy to rub it in our faces. Remove it.

The first pandemic before covid was when the intruders first set foot on our land creating an epidemic of hatred to the present.  All crosses which are symbols of hate should be eradicated from turtle island. 

The question to Jesus Christ Super Star is, Are you what they say you are?”. . “Everytime I look at you I don’t understand why you let the things you did get so out of hand. You’d have managed better if you had it planned. Why did you choose such a backward time and such a strange land. If you’d come today, you’d have reached a whole nation….” 

 Day for Truth and Reconciliation is organized by the Department of Canadian Heritage. THE MURDERERS CONTINUE TO ASK FOR RECONCILIATION.


Christie’s ‘white male for sale’



Bacum Yaqui Opposed Megaprojects Before Kidnappings and Murders


On September 19, on a property in Cajeme, Sonora, personnel from the public prosecutor's office located skeletal remains and yesterday confirmed that they correspond to five members of the Yaqui ethnic group. Photo Cristina Gómez Lima Cajeme, Sonora.

The media coverage by AP and many news outlets has been mediocre, and failed to point out that Bacum Yaqui, south of the Arizona border, have been fighting the Sempra gas pipeline, promoted by the state and federal governments. La Jornada points out that it is this opposition to megaprojects that led to the kidnapping of 10 men from Bacum Pueblo, when they went for a cow for a traditional feast. Earlier, Bacum Yaqui said the Mexican military planted drugs in their community in an attempt to dismantle their Yaqui traditional guard. As families held out hope for the safe return of the kidnapped men, the remains of five were confirmed on Monday, found in a stream bed near the remote camp of a criminal gang. Investigators were fired on and killed two of the assailants during the search. -- Censored News.

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Translated article by La Jornada

CAJAME, Sonora, Mexico -- Yaqui in Bacum Pueblo said that the kidnapping of ten men, and confirmed murder of five of the men, from their community is the result of their opposition to megaprojects supported by the state and federal governments.

Bacum Yaqui are opposed to Sempra's gas pipeline planned for construction across the state of Sonora. In their original homeland of Yoeme (Yaqui) south of the Arizona border, Yaqui said Sempra's megaproject would directly affect their culture, language, religion, and their relationship with the land, including farming areas and medicinal plants.

September 27, 2021

Mohawk Nation News 'McGill 'New Vic' Renovation on Unceded Mohawk Land'


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Mohawk Nation News


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MNN. 27 Sep. 2021. This Notice was sent by Registered Mail to McGill University for illegal construction on Mohawk rotinoshonni land. We Mohawk kanienkehaka have inalienable rights to this land and have received no notification. We need to be put on the agenda. We own this land and they do not have our permission. We want an investigation of our property which may be a crime scene.


NOTICE: Men’s Fire of the Six Nations Grand River Territory

542 Mohawk Rd., ON   N0A 1H0 226 388 4191


Attention: Office de Consultation Publique de Montréal 514 872 8510 1 833 215 9314

Attention: The Public Consultation (Site of the Former Royal Victoria Hospital):

I am writing to request a formal hearing session to express the following issues prior to any construction associated with the project:


Kahnawake, Akwesasne, Six Nations and all kanienkehaka are the original people of the territory and as such are; Haudenosaunee Iroquois Confederacy onkwehonweh meaning we are not citizens of either Canada or the United States or Quebec. As Haudenosaunee Iroquois Confederacy onkwehonweh,

  1. The Commissioner is on Notice to effectively notify the proper Authorities of any development to this property (Former Royal Victoria Hospital)
  2. As per: The Two Row Wampum, and Silver Covenant Chain Wampum, the onkwehonweh (original peoples) have inherent treaty rights on the territory of tionitiohtià:kon (Montreal), as nor we nor our ancestors have ever relinquished their sovereignty from the beginning of time. The City of Montreal acknowledges that the Haudenosaunee Iroquois Confederacy have never ceded their territory. There has never been any surrender of any of our territories. 
  3. McGill University was initially built with money taken from the Indian Trust Fund in 1850, supposed to be given back to the rotinoshonni. The reimbursement process for these loans has not been implemented yet by the City of Montreal nor McGill University.
  4. The Constitution of 1982 legislation allows us to exercise the following:
    1. Haudenosaunee have inherent outright claim to this property
    2. No Consultation has been conducted to-date
    3. Onkwehonweh have strong suspicions from our elders in the community of buried bodies of our people at various locations on site. 

kahentinetha, rotiskariwakeh [spitting bear clan], wishes to have a meeting with the Commissioner ASAP.

1701 Great Peace of Montreal when the French sued for peace with the rotinoshonni after 100 years of defeat.

Fiduciary Obligation

There are two ways in which fiduciary obligation may arise between the Crown and Indigenous Peoples. (Haudenosaunee):

  1. When the Crown has discretionary control over a specific or cognizable aboriginal interest, (“SUI GENERIS fiduciary obligation”)
  2. Where the Crown has undertaken to exercise its discretionary control over a legal or substantial practical interest in the best interests of a beneficiary (the “AD HOC fiduciary relationship”)
  3. Case Law: Williams Lake Indian Band v Canada, Coldwater Indian Band v Canada (Indian Affairs and Northern Affairs)

The Hodiskeagehda (Men’s Fire of the Kahnawake, Akwesasne, and Six Nation Territory) are presenting to you your responsibility to honor and act in accordance to the kaianerenko:wa (Iroquois Great Law of Peace), the teiohate Two Row Wampum, and the Silver Convonant Chain.

The Iroquois of  turtle island have never relinquished their sovereignty to allow the proposed repurposing of the site of the former Royal Victoria Hospital. Allow me to remind you of your legislation:

Bomberry v. Ontario (Minister of Revenue) (Ont. Div. Ct.), 1989 CanLII 4300 (ON SC)

It is clear that neither the province nor the federal government can extend their administrative power beyond their constitutional reach, the charter of rights, particularly in a way that trenches upon the exclusive legislative authority of the other order of government, or the universal human rights of individuals. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or complaints.

Respectfully submitted by the Hodiskeagehda (Men’s Fire of the Kahnawake, Akwesasne, and Six Nation Territories) 

Signed by:

Wifred Davey, Secretary for the Hodiskeagehda Wilfred Davey (Latudalasluni), Six Nations Grand River Territory.

ROTISKEHRAKETEH ROBBIE ROBERTSON makes it as simple as it gets:  “You’re in Indian country. This is Indian Country.”