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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Bioneers Conference Features Native Speakers Nov. 11 -- 13, 2021


Naelyn Pike and Jackie Keliiaa

'Between Worlds: Emergence in an Emergency,' this year's Bioneers Conference 2021 begins Thursday, Nov. 11, and continues through Saturday, Nov. 13.

The virtual conference features Indigenous land and water defenders from throughout the Americas, from the Amazon to the north.

Nemonte Nenquimo presents the keynote address on Thursday, 'Indigenous Guardianship is Key to Halt the Climate Crisis.'

Native speakers and comedians are among those at the virtual three day conference.

Naelyn Pike, Apache youth defender of sacred Oak Flat, and Jackie Keliiaa, Yerington Paiute and Washoe comedian, writer and producer, are among the presenters.

Nick Estes, Lower Brule Lakota from South Dakota and assistant professor at the University of New Mexico, is among the Native speakers on Saturday. Estes is on the panel, "Indigenous Pathways to a Regenerative Future."

The conference includes Native interactive workshops, and Native film screenings. 'Reflection: A Walk with Water,' is the first of the conference films and screens on Thursday evening.

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"Bioneers 2021 will make the connections from ancient wisdom of forests to the visionary struggles of Amazonian First Peoples to protect the rainforest – from the wisdom of trauma for healing to Ecological Medicine and health equity – from the genius of the biophilic design revolution to designing nature-based infrastructures – from the Green New Deal to regenerative agriculture and the power of soil to sequester carbon – from multicultural healing, eco-feminism and a culture of pluralism to the dismantling of corporate power. In interactive sessions in smaller groups, you can also connect with other inspired Bioneers around some of the topics you most care about."

Glasgow Cop26: Stop Enbridge Line 3 in Minnesota

Anishinaabe Mary Lyons in Glasgow at the UN Climate Summit, COP26. Watch on YouTube:


Mohawk Nation News 'Mohawk Mothers Injunction Against McGill Project'


Mohawk Nation News

MNN. Nov. 10, 2021. This is the full motion filed by the kanistenrsera mohawk mothers in the Federal Court of Canada on Nov. 9, 2021 and served on the four parties.  In addition to our b rief we have filed a motion of application to the Federal Court of Canada T-1696-21.  The Affidavit of Service has been served to all parties. 


Federal Court Number: T-1696-21 Responders are societe quebecoise des infrastructures; mcgill university office of the principle and vice-chancellor; mairie d’ordinissement de ville marie; stantic inc. 

This is a precedent for all turtle island cases. This will be addressed today at 7.10 pm EST. for ten minutes by Zoom between the two parties and a video will be available to the public. We are meeting today with the Commissioners of the project to inform them officially that they do not have our permission to construct their project on our unceded kenienkehaka land they must immediately leave and investigate the grounds for unmarked graves and burial sites.  

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