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February 11, 2013

American Indian Movement Winnipeg organizes Feb. 16, 2013

AIM Winnipeg organizes Feb. 16, 2013

By Terrance Nelson
Censored News
A new day has arrived with the formation of AIM WPG. On Saturday February 16, 2013, AIM WPG will be formally organized. Three of twenty positions on the Grand Governing Council of AIM WPG will be filled in a ceremony at the Thunderbird House on Main Street in Winnipeg.

Three people will be raised to leadership positions. Blackwolf Hart-Bellecourt will be recognized leader in the area of Culture. Morris St. Croix better known as Ozzie will be recognized as the leader in the area of coordinating a response to Police Brutality. Jackie Traverse will be recognized as the leader for AIM WPG in the area of Murdered and Missing Women and for work in the area of Child and Family Services.

Ozzie St. Croix is a long time Bear Clan Patrol organizer. He has extensive experience in the area and has support from local patrol members.

Jackie Traverse is a product of Child and Family Services. She is passionate about finding solutions to First Nations Children in Care in Manitoba. She is on record stating that Samantha Kematch is also a victim. (Samantha Kematch is in jail for the killing of her own daughter Phoenix Sinclair) “Samantha was created by CFS and now foster homes and CFS is big business with 10,000 First Nations children in care in Manitoba. They are creating the problems of tomorrow, today.” Traverse has a large group of women and youth supporting her.

Blackwolf Hart-Bellecourt is the son of Vernon Bellecourt, one the founding members of AIM.

For Further information,
Contact Vice Chair of AIM Terrance Nelson 204-250-7818

American Indian Movement WINNIPEG
Grand Governing Council

Saturday February 16, 2013

A.M.   9-11        Meeting of AIM WPG
A.M.  11-12       Press Conference
Noon                  Feed the People
P.M.   1-2          Raising the Leaders
P.M.   2-4          Meeting AIM WPG Supper and videos

Location            Thunderbird House
                           Main Street and Higgins
                           Winnipeg, Manitoba

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