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February 14, 2013

Journey of Nishiyuu 'Waking up the Sleeping Giants'

Mobile upload now: Photo Bernadette Phillips

Photo Richard Cheezo Feb. 14, 2013

By Matthew Mukash
Crossing the frozen Eastmain River now (mobile upload)
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Our Original Seven Walkers on the Journey of Nishiyuu, when they left our community, said they would awake up the “Sleeping Giants” along the way, which means many things to us (i.e. spirit of Creation, spirit of our Ancestors, the Legends, their stories, their songs, their guidance, etc.), people who can made a difference in the world, and so on. For the JOURNEY OF NISHIYUU to have a purpose and meaning, we must go beyond just following it. We must realize that it is also our journey, a personal journey within (from the mind to the heart - the seat of the soul, as they say). To walk among those who can make a difference in the world such as our own Nishiyuu Warriors, we must wake up the Sleeping Giants (Courage, Honesty, Humility, Compassion, Respect, Sharing, Wisdom and other virtues) within each one of us.
How can we do this?
Getting ready to welcome the walkers!
mobile upload by Bernadette Phillips

I suggest that we start with something like this: Take “Courage”, for example, all throughout the day, think about what it means to you and identify the opposite of this virtue (i.e. discourage, dishearten, depress, disappoint, etc.) and how these have played into our own lives. Tomorrow we can meditate on “Honesty”, the day after “Humility” and so on. This is one way of how knowledge and wisdom grows within and gives us the courage to face life's challenges and live out our own true purpose, as instrument of the Great Spirit.

When I was young, I was taught to recognize these virtues (and their opposites) in storytelling; in the words, actions and deeds of others; and more importantly, in my own.
"Don't let Grandfather Sun catch you sleeping when he rises in the East because he won't be happy!", is a teaching that's so ingrained in my soul that, today, even at my age, I still feel guilty when I wake up past sunrise. Mastering these teachings can truly makes a difference!

So, my good friends, let’s all try this meditation exercise.

LET’S WAKE UP THE SLEEPING GIANTS within all of us and help carry out the Vision, Mission and Purpose of the JOURNEY OF NISHIYUU!!!

Aho! All my Relations!

Matthew Mukash

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