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February 20, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Pope on the Run'


MNN. FEB. 19, 2013. The Pope suddenly resigned because of the documented allegations of child rape, murder and genocide. He was a Nazi youth and an SS officer, which conditioned him to be racist and a eugenicist. An SS officer becomes the Pope!
Pope's jail break disguise
Pope’s new Vatican uniform!
On December 21, 2012 the Pope said that child rape isn’t bad. It is/was normal back in his day. Pedophilia isn’t absolute evil. Child pornography is normal in society [child abuse]. There is no good or evil, only better than or worse than. This indicates a criminally evil state of mind, devoid of spirit. 
The Vatican Bank is the Mafia’s bank. Indian Affairs in Canada states that “any licences, permits and other instruments to individuals and organizations” that exploits our resources belongs to us, otherwise, there would be no need for a cabal known as Indian Affairs. They distribute 10% or more of the interest on our Indian Trust Fund to the Vatican, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, international banks, the Queen and the bloodline families for their continuous war. 
Mark Carney laundering Indian Trust Fund.
Mark Carney laundering Indian Trust Fund.
Currently Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is moving to Britain to commandeer the Bank of England. We fear that he is trying to take the Indian Trust Fund with him. Some Indigenous people have filed a request for an investigation by INTERPOL into the “biggest bank’ job in all history. Interpol investigates Trust fund fraud
While this genocide is going on in their name, the public looks aside and lets it happen, makes them complicit in it. The kidnapping of our children for the residential school “death camp” program was done by the churches paid by the corporation of Canada with our Indian Trust Funds. This double crime violates the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide signed in Paris on December 9, 1948. 
Kevin Annett was successful in raising awareness of this issue. He did not look away when he learned about the atrocities at Alert Bay British Columbia. He exposed the them  to the point where the Pope is going into hiding to avoid prosecution. The long knives of the bankers and the false monarchies are out to get him. Attempts have been made on Annett’s life. Agents provocateurs are putting confusing spins on him. One agent is known as “Space Cadet” [Cathie Duchene]. A new one is “Tongue-Moll” [Heather Martin], who has several websites devoted to attacking Annett and discrediting ITTCS International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State. She has access to platforms where she can defame his character and spew disinformation.  
Benjamin Fulford writes a good story on the Pope’s arrest and Queen’s abdication. The fight between the monarchy, the Papacy and the secret societies are all about the ever growing  $30 trillion Indian Trust Fund that the Queen claims to be in control of. Fulford’s analysis
Harper: "We failed to eliminate them."
Queenie: “Where’s the trust fund?” Harper: “Carney’s working on it.”
As Paul McCartney sang, “As the jailer man and sailor Sam were searching everyone for the band on the run.” This band of criminals and accomplices are all going to jail. As in their bloodline constitution [Secret Covenant], their greatest fear is that they shall “be cast to the depth from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself”. Band on the run
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Zuni Eagle said...

All natives need to wake up and understand the world we live in and the man lead society we are tricked into believing. Money is not happiness, nor or all the materials stripped from are mother equal happiness. Its time to listen to our elders and understand that we are protectors of are mother and her animals. everything we need is our native way of life(respect everyting it has a spirit too) songs, ceremonies, and language. Take the priciple the Hopi say Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance that is were we are at. The eagle is still the eagle, the native therefore is still the native.

Anonymous said...

Europeans have dualism as their ethic. Therefore, they're right and we're wrong. They're good and we're bad. That's how they rationalize their cruelty.

Ha'ashkee Dahszii Ya'ai Jii