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February 5, 2013

The Disappeared Article on First Nation Nuclear Rail Blockade

Sorry, the news coverage of the First Nation Nuclear Rail Blockade has been disappeared, buried along with the nuclear waste

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Censored News has been in pursuit of the missing link, that's the Toronto Star's coverage of the First Nation Nuclear Rail Blockade on Sunday. Now, when something that important vanishes from Google News, readers want to know why.

When the link never recovered, and the article remained disappeared, Censored News contacted the webmaster at the Toronto Star.
Here's the response. "It was moved here:"

The before and after links show that the Toronto Star moved the article from the crime section to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) of the newspaper.
The original placement of this coverage in the crime section leads one to ask this question: "Who is the criminal, the person standing up for the future of mankind, or the uranium corporation GE Hitachi in Toronto that is endangering all life forms in this region?"
There were no arrests.
Although the Toronto Star's coverage was moved, and a new link created, it did not appear on Google News. Censored News asked the Toronto Star why it was moved, and why the new link and article failed to appear on Google News.
On Tuesday night, the Toronto Star webmaster said,  "The address changed because it either moved to a new section or the headline changed. Google News didn't update it quickly it seems."
Censored News was created because of the collapse of ethics, and censoring of the voices of Indigenous Peoples and others engaged in resistance and the struggle for human rights.
The radioactive tailings from the Cold War remain scattered across Native lands, and mining corporations continue to target Indigenous communities globally with radioactive dumping, and poisonous mining.
Censored New Most Censored 2012 also disappeared from Google
This isn't the first article to disappear from Google News. Censored News Top Ten Most Censored in 2012 also disappeared from Google News, within hours of appearing and never returned. Among the top ten was mining on Indian lands, the collapse of media in Indian country, US spying on Tohono O'odham land, Native Americans support of Palestine, and Salazar's leaked memo.
Among those top ten was the leaked memo revealing that US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar planned to push a so-called "water rights settlement" for the Little Colorado River through a "lame duck" Congress with Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl.
Navajos has already said "No" to the water rights theft aimed at providing water to one of the dirtiest coal fired power plants in the US, the Navajo Generating Station.
The water rights theft scheme -- by the US Interior, Arizona Congressmen, non-Indian attorneys, and corrupt tribal politicians -- would have also provided water for wasteful Arizona residents downstream who are watering the desert in luxury lifestyles, while many Navajos have no running water, and have to haul water long distances.
Salazar announced he would leave the US Interior in January.

Watch videos of First Nation Nuclear Rail Blockade and read more:

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