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November 18, 2015

AIM West Conference Nov. 21-- 22, 2015 Schedule Update

Photo Brenda Norrell AIM West 2014

Govinda's Earthcycles will livestream the 2015 AIM West Conference in San Francisco.
Live on Censored News Saturday and Sunday.

Welcome to the annual AIM-WEST Coast Conference! This years conference held in San Francisco November 21-22, 2015 is dedicated to the I Will Clemency Campaign for Leonard Peltier!

The Conference Agenda provides a guide to topics that will be discussed. There are many issues to be covered so please be thoughtful and respectful of others in your presentations and remarks. Your cooperation is appreciated. The public is invited.

AIM-WEST will be live webcast streaming the conference to afford others an opportunity to be part of the discussions and listen to the speakers. When you speak be sure introduce yourself and enjoy the camaraderie as we build alliances across Indian Land in the promotion of Indigenous peoples right to self-determination.


Saturday, November 21: (Answer Coalition at 2969 Mission Street)

8 am A special ceremony will be held to honor and celebrate the life of Darrell Standing Elk who passed to spirit world, September 19, 2015. AIM Elder and spiritual advisor Lee Polanco*tbc will lead the solemn occasion. We encourage friends and relations to share their experiences and moments they had with Ta Kola Ota. Drum, Sage, Mejica Traditional dancers Teo Kalli;

9 am Welcoming words and introduction to the conference by Antonio Gonzales, Director AIM-WEST
9:30 Solidarity statements from supporters and allies.

Panel Discussions

10:00 Human Rights Defenders: Leonard Peltier and I WillExecutive Clemency campaign, art censorship and 1st Amendment by National Lawyers Guild, Sampson Wolfe Bay Area Support Group, and with Rigo 23 with art project proposal to build statue of Leonard Peltier;

10:45 Youth, Restorative Justice: Juvenile Hall, services, job placement, and native lives matter, police misconduct. Presenters: Robert Castro, Felipe Hernandez, Ms. Destiny Villa, Adam Anda;

11:30 Sacred Sites and Sacred Runs: Grave Lives matter, Peace and Dignity Run, and role of State Office of Historic Preservation. Jose Malvido, Doug Duncan* tbc, Morning Star, Tribal Preservation Officer*tbc, Jim Brown*tbc and Bloody Island;

12:15 Lunch (Film screening to be announced)

1:30 Border Relations: Military Operations and Reservation life, sovereignty and water as humanitarian aid. Presenters Michael Flores, and an Apache video introduction.

2:15 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA): *Lalo Franco and Cristina Gonzales* tbc;

3:00 Re-writing our history: Organizing for Indigenous Peoples Daydeclared in states, cities, schools, jr. colleges and universities. Presenters Erika Hernandez Ramirez, Hernan Rai Zaragoza Lemus, look at Santa Rosa Jr. College and Albuquerque, New Mexico;

3:45 Access to media: U streaming and live streaming events wave of the future; marches, protests. rallies, conferences. Presenters Frank Sterling and Steve Zeltzer (KPFA radio);

4:30 Environmental and Extractive industries, Keystone XL Pipeline, COP-21 Paris Climate Change demonstrations (UNFCCC), Water, Sovereignty, and Treaties. Presenter Penny Opal Plant;

5:15 Closing comments: (Dinner at Inter-Tribal Friendship House Oakland, 6-7 pm) Sunday, November 22: (California Institute of Integral Studies 1453 Mission Street)

8 am Traditional dancers and singers welcome participants;

9 am Introduction, and welcome blessings by Pomo Elder Thomas Leon Brown-Cultural Director Elem;

9:15 Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Roxanne D. Ortiz, author, internationalist;

10:00 Legacy and Canonization of Junipero Serra: Tell the Truth Campaign, Papal Bulls and Doctrine of Discovery, strategy beyond sainthood. Presenters Chairman Valentin Lopez, Elias Castillo*tbc;

11:00 Facilitated discussion on revising Californias 4th Grade curriculum to tell the true story of the missions;

11:00 Treaties and Unratified treaties in California. *

12 Lunch Film: Doctrine of Discovery, Unmasking the Domination Code

1:15 Mascots in sports: Organizing for Social Justice; bay area public schools, national sports teams. Dr. Blu Wakpah, Tria Wakpah, Angel Hart, Philip Mehas, with Molly Batchelder;

2 pm Closing comments and blessings.


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