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February 14, 2017

Dene Nation Chief responds to Trump's insulting 'Pocahontas' remark

Chief Erasmus -- Trump is descendant of immigrants and should be thankful to Native Americans, rather than mocking original people with disrespect

By Dene Nation
Censored News

YELLOWKNIFE, NW Territories -- Dene National Chief Bill Erasmus responded to the statement made by President Donald Trump, during a meeting last week with American senators referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Pocahontas is now the face of your party." The president gave the nickname several times directing it at the Democratic Party.
"The U.S. President has to be taken to task for that glaring and offensive remark. He is being disrespectful by offending the original inhabitants of North America," said Erasmus.
The U.S. Senator for Massachusetts Warren admitted that she had Native
American ancestry, descendant from Cherokee and Delaware peoples. Erasmus said, "Her claim of having Indian blood is not something to ridicule. Her office needs to be respected and not degraded."
Elizabeth Ann Warren was a law professor at Harvard Law School for approximately 20 years. As an author of ten books, she has also written more than a hundred articles. She was named one of the 'Most Influential
Lawyers of the Decade' by the National Law Journal. Warren is a leading figure in the Democratic Party.
"The president is a descendant of immigrants who were welcomed to North America by Native Americans. He is fortunate to be in a country that accepted his ancestors and in this way he needs to show respect and gratitude, rather than mock the original peoples by using the name of Pocahontas in a negative way," said Erasmus.
Pocahontas was a Native American notable for her association with the volonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. There are numerous places, landmarks, and products in the United States that have been named after her.

For more information, contact
Phil Mercredi, Dene Nation

5 comments: said...

don t feel bad ..trump can t read ..sooo most native first nations are smarter than the prez of the usa

Unknown said...

The current President has no manners or respect for anyone who he sees as "bad" or not in line with his racist, homophobic mentality. He needs to meet all the Native American Tribal Chiefs before he spouts off about anyone. As he is an Immigrant by birth and as a White man is the trespasser/robber upon the Native American Tribal Lands and all the tribal Treaties from 1851 and 1868, along with all others.

Mmgunn said...

As a native woman I am not "ashamed" of Pocahontas, she was a real native woman and sister. Mainstream media & culture have appropriated & used her name for their own agenda. We need to take her back. I am proud there is a native woman in charge of SOMETHING out there in mainstream politics - YOU GO ELIZABETH WARREN!!! 👊❤💪

Unknown said...

They are all smarter..but be proud..lots of descendants of immigrants really are smarter than trump!

denewarrior said...

he has no class, just leave it at that.