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February 9, 2017

Standing Rock at Sundance Film Festival Special Event -- Dine' Earl Tulley Video

Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault and Actress Shailene Woodley speak at a Sundance Film Festival Special Event, Video by Earl Tulley, Dine', for Censored News 

Video by Earl Tulley, Dine'
Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

PARK CITY, Utah, -- At Sundance Film Festival, Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault shares the need for storytelling at a special event at Sundance Film Festival.
Chairman Archambault discusses the fight against Dakota Access Pipeline. He describes fighting the pipeline in the courts and in the need to change policies in Washington. Further, he describes the need for an environmental impact statement.
"This pipeline is actually going to hurt us, and the company is going to see that."
Chairman Archambault praises those on the ground who have fought the pipeline. He says it is important not to forget the other struggles out there, and not to forget the power of prayer.
"We already won, because of the power of unity."
At the private gathering at the Festival, attended by Standing Rock Water Protectors, Chairman Archambault describes other problems facing Standing Rock, including meth and the need for clean air. He also speaks of the need of the fire of the sun.
"We need to keep the lessons we are learning from this movement."
He says it is time to forgive what has happened in the past and the need to focus on the future for the sake of the upcoming generation.
Introducing Actress Shailene Woodley, Chairman Archambault says the movie industry is another platform for the struggle.
Woodley tells the gathering that she learned of the movement in February 2016 from the Native American youths. She said she contacted others and received only three responses out of 200 e-mails she sent out.
However, later, when she was arrested, millions began paying attention.
Woodley said this taught her valuable lessons. First, that this society has become complacent. She also realized that people do not pay attention unless it affects an individual personally or a celebrity is arrested.
"We have to take down these walls, we have to take down these divisions."
Woodley speaks on the power of prayer, as was manifest when water protectors were shot with water cannons in freezing temperatures and shot with rubber bullets. Still, she said, they continued to stand up in prayer.
Woodley said divestment is vital. She said there will be no Keystone XL, or Dakota Access Pipeline, if there is no money invested. This includes the DAPL investors of Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.
She describes how Standing Rock Water Protectors protested Chase Bank, one of the sponsors of Sundance Film Festival, shortly before this event.
Before the event began, Robert Redford sent a message to the special gathering for Standing Rock, which was by invitation only.
Redford said that he was snowed in at home and could not attend.

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Previous video at Censored News: Standing Rock Water Protectors protest Chase Bank, sponsor, at Sundance Film Festival. Video by Earl Tulley.

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Video by Earl Tulley, Dine', at Sundance Film Festival 2017

Listen to this dramatic video, words and songs, of Standing Rock Water Protectors at Sundance Film Festival. Youth talk about being shot with bean bags, rubber bullets, by Morton County. Water Protectors protested Chase Bank, a sponsor of the festival. A Censored News original video by Earl Tulley, Dine'. Thank you!

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waterislife said...

Strange! 2 videos of Dave, in one he says he will protect water, & in the other video he sounds like a completely different person.
He says the pipeline isn't so bad.
In August he talked brave.
And He asked for help to come to S.ROCK.
In February he says go away.

So, Are there 2 Daves?
Actually working against himself?

One foot in the canoe, one foot in the boat, then fall into the water?