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February 23, 2017

Oceti Sakowin Camp Being Raided: Bulldozers Entering Camp

CNN (Screenshot by Censored News)

Video below: Unicorn Riot's excerpts from its live coverage.


Police sweeping through Rosebud Camp at 4 pm.

Johnny Dangers reporting live said at 4:30 pm:
The Oceti Oyate Camp is being destroyed by police and bulldozers currently.
 Rosebud Camp was raided by BIA and they have full control of it now.
Elders were arrested. Veterans were arrested.
Journalists were arrested. I saw an Inipi destroyed in front of my eyes.
I'm back safe. My hand and leg are sprained. 
I feel a sadness today. The river weeps.

They can not end the prayer.
The Prayer continues in our hearts and souls.

We Still Stand

Censored News screenshot. Unicorn Riot Video. Thursday afternoon.

Thursday at 3 pm
Federal agents, BIA and National Park Service police, moving in on Rosebud Camp now. 
Watch Unicorn Riot live coverage above.

Thursday -- At 2 pm: Heavily militarized police have taken control of Oceti Sakowin. Native American elderly, reporters and veterans arrested. Inipi destroyed by police.
Entrance to Rosebud Camp has been shut off.
Arrests at Cheyenne River camp.

Johnny Dangers reporting live at 1:39 pm on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017."
Heavily armed police attacking.
"They have now taken over 100 percent control of Oceti Sakowin. Anyone in camp will now be arrested."
In the background, a voice calls out, "Officers go home!"

Unci Regina Brave around 80yrs old being arrested


Johnny Dangers reporting live Now!
Raid on Oceti Sakowin underway at 1 pm on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. 
Native American elders arrested. Cheyenne River Camp water protectors arrested.
Armored tanks, militarized police moving through camps.

Johnny Dangers reporting live on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

12:15 pm -- Police advancing, helicopter overhead. "They've taken about half of camp and are lining up to come this way."
Helicopter is circling overhead.
"Feds are waiting outside of Rosebud."
Humvees covering their movement. Multiple elders arrested. Grandmothers, elders, veterans arrested.
Police sliced open a tipi.
When police asked if they have live ammunition. Police said, "What do you think."
Now 30 to 50 below circling helicopter.
Water protectors at Cheyenne River Camp arrested. Police pointing sniper weapons at people. It is 31 degrees.
Last week, Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault said there would be no forced eviction, after the tribe asked for BIA to serve eviction notices in camps.
At 12:28 pm, Johnny Dangers, reporting live, said, "If you are up on Facebook Hill, get the hell out of there."
"A call for medics."
At 12:33 pm, police moving in on Johnny Dangers.
The calls in the background cry out, "We are unarmed."
"Please respect Treaty Land!"
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Above: Bulldozers entering Oceti Sakowin Camp Now
Thursday 11:30 am
Feb. 23, 2017
Below: Rob Wilson Photography: Wednesday Eviction Day.
Structures burned in ceremony to prevent militarized police and Dakota Access Pipeline from desecrating them.


Riot Police from Wisconsin and North Dakota chasing down Eric Poemz as he was reporting from the frontline. In live video, Eric was tackled my militarized police, and screamed that they were breaking his hips.

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