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February 2, 2017

Police and Army Corps at Sacred Stone Camp -- Feb. 2, 2017

Police and Army Corps enter Sacred Stones Camp without permission

Seventy-six water protectors arrested on Wednesday will have to spend a second night in jail, as no charges have been filed

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Feb. 2, 2017

SACRED STONE CAMP -- Police, federal agents and Army Corps entered Sacred Stone Camp without permission at noon today, Thursday, Feb. 2.

LaDonna Allard said, "They are raiding Sacred Stone now with Frank White Bull, Ben Harrison and with BIA police."
"Invading Sacred Stone camp by the Standing Rock Tribal Council betrayed by our own nation," said Allard, land owner where Sacred Stone Camp, the original camp of water protectors, is located.
BIA police, Fish and Wildlife agents, Army Corps and Tribal officials entered Sacred Stone Camp. At the lower part of Sacred Stone Camp, known as yurt village, agents told those present that the lower part of Sacred Stone is in the flood plain.
The agents took photos and gathered information for their benefit. The Army Corps said the purpose was for assessment of the flood plain.
The police and agents entered Sacred Stone Camp without permission or a warrant.
In recent days, the Standing Rock Chairman and Tribal Council have brought into the camps all the police forces -- the same ones who have been shooting the water protectors.
This comes after the Standing Rock Tribal Council 'reallocated' $3.2 million of the funds, which were donated for the camps, for the tribe's own use. The tribe has not released the exact amount of donations to the camps, or the specific purpose that millions were donated for.
About 700 water protectors have been arrested, and many are in need of attorneys, court costs and fines.
Yesterday, on Wednesday, 76 water protectors were arrested as they established a new camp, Last Child, in honor of the Warrior Society of Crazy Horse.
Chase Iron Eyes of Standing Rock, former Congressional delegate and publisher of Last Real Indians, was among those arrested.
Last Real Indians said Thursday afternoon that those arrested on Wednesday would have to spend a second night in jail. The prosecutor had not submitted the paper work on the charges, and those arrested were unable to go before the judge. 
The 76 arrested are being held, without charges, in Morton County and other North Dakota counties, according to Last Real Indians.
In what water protectors say is an act of betrayal, Chairman Dave Archambault issued a statement last night disavowing the water protectors who were arrested on Wednesday.
"Last night, a group of campers moved materials onto private land. This group’s actions do not represent the tribe nor the original intent of the water protectors," Archambault said. Archambault maintains that the battle must be fought in the U.S. courts. (Read the statement on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Facebook page.)
LaDonna Allard and the Red Warrior Society remind the people that this fight for sacred water was never led by the tribal council, mandated by the U.S. government, but it is a movement of the people -- the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota people.
Allard also pointed out that Sitting Bull was killed by his own people.
Sitting Bull was killed by Indian police at Standing Rock.

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T Blu said...

WELL!! If this isn't a load of bullsh!t. I feel like I just swallowed a frozen lump of coal.

First off, miigwech, Brenda for getting this out to us all.

What a bunch of numb nuts, corpo turncoats the Standing Rock Tribal council has shown themselves to be. On top of that, they literally stole $3.2 million of the money all of us supporters sent to THE WATER PROTECTORS & not the tribe. Since the tribe has proven by those actions that they are morally bankrupt, I am deeply humiliated FOR them.

To all of the Water Protectors & Land Defenders, I hold you in the highest esteem. I am deeply & humbly proud to call you my brothers & sisters. DO NOT GIVE UP!

LJansen said...

So the Chief has given up?

Ruby Rose said...

I believe this is all part of a scheme to split the tribes and pit them against each other. I would try to cover more positive stories about the water protectors until this is over. The phrase here today is " divide and conquer" and whoever is doing it, is doing a great job. Very sad to see.