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February 17, 2017

Red Feather -- 'Time to Stand Up and Be Lakota'


Red Feather: Time to Stand Up and Be Lakota, Time to Stop Kissing BIA's Ass

Is there any Native Nation actively supporting the #NoDAPL camp north of the cannonball river? Woke elder Helen Red Feather speaks Lakota, telling Tribal Leaders to stop kissing the BIA's ass, and by extension the US Army Corp and the ND Governor, Republican legislature, and the collusion with local ND media and DAPL mercenaries. It's time to be Lakota. #NoDapl Where is your heart?
Red Feather said, "Time to stand up and be a Lakota now!"
"They poisoned me."
"I've been here eight months."
"I'm not leaving. I'm on Treaty Land."

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waterislife said...

Yes! Great statement!
Take courage...
After all the terrible harm the police did to the water protectors, grandmother has every right to express her pain & opinion.
**Where is an honest & humane tribal police to protect and serve the people ??**
!!Native Lives Matter!!
There is No reason for Morton county sheriff, enforcement to spray poison on this woman & on all of the other water protectors.
Its outrageous and its shameful to go back to doing business as usual with local law enforcement after the violence they enacted without any reprimand or regret.
Its disgusting that the North Dakota police are allowed to commit crimes against people that are praying.
The police officers who beat people should be charged with a crime. The police chief's who decided to use canisters of poison spray , water cannons, and shoot people with bullets should also be held accountable.
The dog handlers were never charged either for their attack dogs biting people. DAPL is taking advantage of racism towards Native Americans in North Dakota to push the pipeline through?

Love & respect to grandmother red feather.