Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 21, 2017

VIDEO: Women of Oceti Sakowin: 'We are Surrounded. We Need Help' Feb. 22 is Eviction Raid

"We are surrounded. We need help"

Water is Life: Elders and children need protection. Heavily militarized law enforcement will raid Oceti Sakowin on Feb. 22, 2017.

"We are surrounded."
"In the history of colonization, they have always given us two options. Give up our land, or go to jail. Give up our rights, or go to jail."
"Now, it is give up our water, or go to jail."
"We are not criminals."
Listen to the women -- sisters, mothers, grandmothers, who face federal charges and prison time.
"We need help."
"We need everyone to come here and stand with us."

Message from Shaun King
My dear friends in Standing Rock sent me this video, produced by women, featuring women, and asked me to share it with you. Militarized law enforcement have now surrounded their camp. In less than 48 hours, at 2 pm on THIS WEDNESDAY, law enforcement will raid the camp and arrest any water protectors who attempt to remain.
THIS IS NOT OK. This is their treaty land. This is their water at stake.
Water Protectors are asking media, supporters and those who can come to come NOW. Right now. Please pay attention and share their truths. Come if you can. This is the front line in the battle against #TrumpTyranny.


Peaceful warrior said...

A beautiful appeal. Thank -you for what you are doing and what you represent. I wish I could be there. I have sent another more able bodied person in my stead. We here are praying and working to improve things so we don't have to fight these fights against life, common sense and human rights. Mr Trump's time will be brief but painful. We can pray that like a phoenix what rises afterwards will be something we can all be glad for.

Peaceful warrior said...

Beautiful appeal. Know we are with you in spirit if not in body. We have sent a more able bodied person in our place and are working here to i,prove things so that we won't have these fights in the future. Fighting for water, life and human rights is right. Your courage inspires us. Trump's time will pass quickly but painfully and we pray that what comes after will be a blessing for the future. Blessings.