Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

February 1, 2017

Standing Rock to Secwepemcul’ecw – Pipeline Resistance North and South of the Medicine Line

Honoring the legacy of Arthur Manuel 

Standing Rock to Secwepemcul’ecw –
Pipeline resistance North and South of the Medicine Line.
A panel of Indigenous Land & Water Protectors

Join us in a powerful panel to hear about ongoing frontline struggles by Indigenous nations to protect our sacred lands and waters. From the black snake Dakota Access and Kinder Morgan pipelines to the dirty extraction of Tar Sands at the source, we as Indigenous peoples are and will create one thousand Standing Rocks to stop the desecration of our lands and waters. We are uniting and strengthening our alliances across the Medicine Line to defeat capitalist colonial extraction in defense of Mother Earth.

As the renowned Indigenous rights activist Arthur Manuel says, "The hard work that Indigenous Peoples have been doing for decades and decades is coming to a head. We must change the fundamental relationship. We must ensure Indigenous sovereignty before we loose this opportunity forever."

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