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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cheyenne River Chairman Urges Obama to Grant Clemency for Leonard Peltier


President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

Please grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier!

Leonard Peltier is a 71 year old elder who was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for aiding and abetting in the deaths of two FBI agents. Leonard has maintained his innocence expressing remorse for their loss of life and also including the Native American man Joeseph Stuntz. Leonard Peltier has fulfilled his federal sentencing guideline requirements (based on 1970s) and has done almost 6 life sentences plus 20 years good time.

Mr. Peltier is an accomplished artist and author and is renown for his humanitarian achievements including being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and was also awarded the Human Rights Commission of Spain, an International Human Rights Prize and several other Prizes.

Leonard Peltier has several medical problems which include an Aoric Aneurysum and suffers from diabetes and its complications.

With the recent request of former United States Attorney, James H. Reynolds to release Leonard Peltier "in the best interest of Justice" and the numerous human Rights organizations including Amnesty International who also support clemency.

President Obama we urge you to immediately take action and unconditionally grant Executive Clemency to Mr. Peltier.

Chairman Harold Frazier, Chairman Cheyenne River Sioux Nation
Good Afternoon,
It is with great pleasure that I forward this letter signed by Chairman Harold Frazier to President Barack Obama regarding clemency for Leonard Peltier. This letter will be mailed today and sent through our contacts to the White House. Please feel free to include a copy of this letter as needed and forward through your channels as well. Thank you for all your hard work and support!

Remi Bald Eagle
Intergovernmental Affairs
Office: (605) 964-4155 ext. 226
FAX: (605) 964-4151

Zapatistas 'And the Earth Trembled! A Report from the Epicenter'



To the Originary Peoples of Mexico:

To Civil Society of Mexico and the World:

To the National and International Sixth:

To the Free Media:

Brothers and Sisters:

This is the time of the originary peoples, the time for us to replant and rebuild ourselves. It is time to go on the offensive and this is the agreement that we have laid out for how to do so, from our perspective as individuals, as communities, as originary peoples, and as the National Indigenous Congress [CNI]. It is time for dignity to govern this country and this world and for democracy, liberty, and justice to flourish in its step.

'Don't Frack Chaco' Feds to Auction Land for Fracking -- Santa Fe Jan. 17, 2017

Don't Frack Chaco

Event info:
On January 25th the BLM is slated to auction off online 843 more acres of public land in Greater Chaco for fracking. These parcels have been already been deferred three times. Meanwhile, BLM still hasn't finished the amendment to the Resource Management Plan to finally study fracking impacts in the area; the current comment period ends on Feb 20th. 
On January 17th Daniel and tri-chapter Presidents will meet with BLM State Director Amy Lueders and ask that she cancel the upcoming oil and gas lease sale. From 10-11AM we will rally outside the BLM State Office and hold a press conference with statements from affected residents and supporters. We will also deliver statements of support calling for Chaco protection and strengthening the demand to cancel the lease sale. If opportunity exists, some will then go to the Roundhouse to lobby NM Representatives and elevate the call for Greater Chaco protection. We will host a community lunch at 1 PM for our visitors. 

Rebecca Sobel
Ways to plug in:
  • Share the Facebook event (and attached graphics).
  • Join us January 17th. Bring banners, signs, and visual materials for photos. 
  • Send statements of support for Chaco protection to Miya King-Flaherty. We are re-devliering previously submitted comments and statements.
  • Join a work group below. 


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