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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Paul Owns the Sabre Takes Flight to Spirit World

A sweet journey home my friend 
Paul Owns the Sabre, Cheyenne River Lakota, at Sand Creek Massacre Site
Long Walk 2

Our long walker friends Paul with Tomas Reyes, who have both flown home
Photo by Brenda Norrell

Paul, born in 1939, with his mother, reconnected after 27 years on Long Walk 2 in Colorado
Photo by Brenda Norrell.
Photo Paul with Northern Cheyenne, Lame Deer, Montana
Long Walk 3

Paul talks about the Longest Walk of 1978, walking, healing and praying

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Paul Owns the Sabre talks with me while he was at Centerpole on the Crow Nation in Montana on Long Walk 3. Paul remembers the Longest Walk in 1978 and how Native Americans walked across the nation when Native Nations were faced with termination.
Paul talks about holding on to the land. On this journey, Longest Walk 1978, he said, "We went through hell. It was the winter time." Paul talks about walking down the highways in the cold. "Our feet hurt." The more they suffered, the more fulfilling it was that they would do something for Native country.
"We lived on bologna, bread, coffee."
They slept beside the road in Nevada in winter on the Longest Walk of 1978.
"We never heard the words, 'We can't go.'"
On this walk, Natives from the cities learned about their cultures. They had ceremonial sweats.
"This is how we generated spiritual energy."
"We went through growing pains," he said of struggling, learning and growing on the walk.
Listen to the radio program, and hear Paul share his poems of the eagle, stars and drum ...
"So long ago when my land was young ..."
"We must mend the Sacred Hoop."
The Sacred Hoop must be healed because it has been broken with so much tragedies.
"We still live close to the land."
"We pray for all the people."
Paul talks about wolves and his visit with the wolf pups.
Paul shares his time with drumming in Lame Deer with the children, and a visit with Northern Cheyenne.
And Paul ran, he ran across this nation, and he ran across Canada.
"What time I have left, I want to tell these stories."
During a lifetime of walks and run across these lands, Paul remembers walking with Buddhist Monks, and carried their flag.

Paul encourages others to share their art, music and culture, and to share what they are go at.
"Try to make a good life, and pass it on."
Paul says not to waste time on fools who won't listen.
With the bad experiences, we learn, and we go on.
"Just pass it on."
"Pick up that Staff for our people and carry it on."
Paul talks of running for the people, running for the water.
Speaking of the great legacy, he remembers the Great Circle of all people, all life.
Our radio show ends with a Paiute bird song by Jan Gardipe, and the AIM song recorded at Cahokia Mounds, both recorded live on Long Walk 2.

Paul with wolf pups Long Walk 3, with Manny Calapoo and Bad Bear
Photo courtesy Carl Bad Bear Sampson


Paul's art
Dear Paul,
I was hoping to see you at AIM West this year, and sad you did not make it. Then I was thinking, I must give Paul a call, but hadn't yet.
Just now I hear that you slipped away from us yesterday.
Perhaps it was a good day to die.
Just yesterday, Cheyenne River was calling Sun Dancers to come to the camp on the Cannonball River, to battle the Black Snake, the pipeline.
Perhaps you are with them there now.
But I am remembering what fun, and what laughter, we had on Long Walk 2 across America. And how good it was to see you with your mom, reunited after 27 years, in Colorado.
Oh, and the photo of you, Manny and Bad Bear, with the wolf pups on Long Walk 3, how the people loved that photo.
So many of the long walkers, as far back as 1978, will miss you now, will miss your stories, and those stories you told without a word, just a silent smile.
How will we all keep going without knowing you are out there somewhere.
Somehow we will, and we will see you soon my friend,

Article and photos copyright Brenda Norrell, Censored News

Live Videos Standing Rock Camp Feb. 22, 2017

Breaking News Thursday: Militarized Police take control of Oceti Sakowin.

Native American elderly, reporters, and veterans arrested.
Arrests at Cheyenne River Camp.
Go to Censored News for live coverage at:

Below live coverage from Wednesday.

At 4:40 pm, riot police now arresting water protectors at Oceti Sakowin.

 In video above, police tackled E-Eric Poemz.  He is saying his hip is broken!

Arrests underway at Oceti Sakowin 4 pm

4 pm Police moving in

Live from Standing Rock Camp Feb. 22, 2017

It is now 3 pm, police have not yet raided camp. Ceremonial fires burned through structures. Police have told those remaining in camp, several hundred people, to leave or be arrested. Federal agents and police have pushed back deadline until 4 pm. Unicorn Riot live coverage at 2 pm, deadline time. Northern security station now in flames.

Above: Water protector at 2 pm "They've pushed us back behind the northern entrance."
Twitter photo above at 2 pm, time 


Watch live coverage from ABC News 
Live feed on Facebook
ABC on the web:
Below: Water Protectors Live Videos
As the rain turned to snow this morning, and eviction is expected, some structures were burned with ceremonies, before the militarized police and DAPL come in. Watch video below at 9 a.m., Feb. 22, 2017


Below Feb. 21, 2017