Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

June 22, 2018

Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan -- Rally in D.C. Saturday

Ed Becenti, Diné, member of the Spiritual Stronghold Caravan

By Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Spiritual Caravan
Censored News
You do not have to be wearing a three-piece suit to offer a solution. We come just as we are. We are the Apache Stronghold Spiritual Caravan – A Spiritual Journey of Healing to Confront the Deception of the Birth of America ! The most important word here is “Spiritual” because this journey is not just for the Apache or even for native peoples. Our journey and spiritual message is for all of humanity. It is for all of our children’s survival. Mother Earth has been cut open and is bleeding. We are all suffering. Our water and sacred lands are under threat.
Capitalism and colonization have shaped our society’s cultural values so that greed and domination and profit at any cost are ultimately shaping who we are. We live largely by these myths, illusions and distortions about who we are. People have lost compassion. There is a bleak picture in front of us. But that is not all there is. Hope is left. We can prayer.
This Saturday at the Poor People’s Campaign Mass Rally and Moral Revival Meeting in D.C. We come as witnesses to open the eyes of the world. So this Saturday is not the end of a journey or a campaign. This is a beginning. Will you join us!

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