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Friday, June 22, 2018

Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“The only thing sacred to people in this country is money. Money is their religion.” -- Rev. Dr. John Mendez, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

By Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Sacred Caravan
Censored News
“We are here because of the prayers of this place and because our people are no longer here ... tribes lost a lot here because of forced migration. And so we are here to pray for those things ... and the Creator has brought us here to you with your prayers and concerns to help us lay a black stone.” -- Wendsler Nosie, Sr., Apache Stronghold

The Stronghold Sacred Caravan spent time in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at Emmanuel Baptist Church with long-time friend and supporter Rev. John Mendez and his congregation who are part of what is becoming a larger Spiritual Stronghold. We shared in table fellowship, healing conversations, and worship with dance, drums and song.
Together, the Stronghold Sacred Caravan in friendship with Emmanuel Baptist Church and allies are coming to D.C. on June 23 to join the Poor People’s Campaign. This journey is at its roots deeply spiritual activism or spiritual resistance that this nation is not accustomed to seeing. It is rooted in prayer and with the purpose to educate the U.S. on the deception and lies it tells itself of the birth of America so we can build anew as a family for sacred unity. The Sacred Journey hopes to bring us all together to address the spiritual problem of greed and the power corporations wield in this country since its’ beginning! We are joining our prayers across the U.S.

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