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June 15, 2018

Annual Wool and Mohair Buy on Navajo Nation -- Fairer Prices for Dine'

Sorting through wool to pull out any debris before it’s washed. Photo by Angelo Baca

Annual Wool and Mohair Buy on Navajo Nation -- Fairer Prices for Dine'

By Samuel Tunick
Black Mesa Water Coalition
Censored News

This summer, Black Mesa Water Coalition, in partnership with Diné College and the Land Grant Office, is hosting the 7th Annual Wool & Mohair Buy. This event brings wool buyers directly to producers, getting fairer prices for Diné sheep herders by cutting out border-town middle-men, and providing workshops about how to better shear, sort and grade wool. I'm working under Just Transition Campaigner, Marie Gladue, to provide media coverage for this year's wool buy on Navajo; mainly doing interviews with attendees to produce a radio forum, with my partner, Trudy Tso, about the wool market, and the wool buy's role in bringing about a just transition from extractive economies to regenerative, living economies based in tradition and community.

Upcoming:Saturday, June 16 —Tsaile, AZ - Diné College (9am-2pm)
Sunday, June 17 — Kaibeto Chapter House (9am-2pm)
Monday, June 18 — Pinon Chapter House (9am-2pm)
Tuesday, June 19 — Tuba City Fairgrounds (9am-2pm)
Wednesday, June 20 — Dilkon Chapter House (9am-2pm)

The event on June 18th in Pinon will be the largest, with food vendors and wool-related workshops, but BMWC staff and fellows will likely be helping out at several of the other locations.

Sam Tunick

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