Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

June 19, 2018

Apache Stronghold Sacred Journey -- Oklahoma City and Cahokia Mounds

By Steve Pavey
Apache Stronghold Sacred Jounrey
Censored News

Traveling East with stops in Oklahoma City and the St. Louis’ Cohokia mounds - the Stronghold Sacred Caravan is encountering Sites and stories with heavy trauma. Native Indians were killed or pushed out of these lands as a part of US policy and practice. We must face this past because this system of settler colonialism rooted in racism and greed and militarism is our present. This understanding of the evil we face is what the Sacred Caravan is bringing to the Poor People’s Campaign. We must listen and follow the lead of our indigenous family. As the Sacred Caravan travels we are stopping to pray and to create a trail of Black stones for healing what this nation has desecrated.

“Settler colonialism, as an institution or system, requires violence or the threat of violence to attain its goals. People do not hand over their land, resources, children, and futures without a fight, and that fight is met with violence. In employing the force necessary to accomplish its expansionist goals, a colonizing regime institutionalizes violence.” - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

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