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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, June 9, 2019

NO! Radioactive Waste! Texas and New Mexico are not wastelands

Dumping radioactive waste on largely Hispanic communities with few resources to fight back would be extreme environmental injustice

By Ian Zabarte, Western Shoshone
Censored News
French translation by Christine Prat

The plan to ship the nation’s deadly nuclear reactor waste to the Texas / New Mexico area should be halted immediately due to the risks of radioactive contamination from leaks, accidents or terrorist attacks. Our health, land and aquifers would be threatened as waste containing plutonium and uranium is transported, with over 10,000 shipments in a 20 year long process. A person gets exposed up close to the waste they will die within a week.

Snowbowl Threatens More Desecration of Holy San Francisco Peaks with 'New Master Development Plan'

Sacred Sites Alert: Snowbowl Threatens Further Desecration of Holy San Francisco Peaks with New ‘Master Development Plan’

Stop Cultural Genocide!

By Protect the Peaks
Censored News
FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — Controversial ski resort Arizona Snowbowl is planning to further its assault on Indigenous Peoples and the environment through a “Master Development Plan” that threatens new expansion and desecration of the Holy San Francisco Peaks.
Snowbowl representatives have been holding secret meetings with area politicians to secure political support for their new plan yet have not met with any Indigenous Nations. Although details of the new plan have not been released, Snowbowl has revealed that it is considering new facilities, new lifts, 5 new trails, night skiing, and a tubing facility.

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