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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Monday, June 24, 2019

Video: Indigenous Women Testify on Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders

Casey Camp Horinek, Ponca, Michelle Cook, Dine', Leoyla Cowboy, Dine' and Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham.
Photo by Brenda Norrell, Censored News, in Jamaica.

New video shows power of Water Protectors, and police abuse at Standing Rock, with testimony before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Jamaica. Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham, testified on Homeland Security's Border Patrol abuse at the southern border.

Michelle Cook said, "Witness the strength of indigenous women protecting their rights and people! Listen to the United States's response to Standing Rock. Thank you to all my friends and partners for their support over the years to make this hearing and report happen! Our report to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will be released on the WPLC website at 10 am! Indigenous Women Testify on Criminalization of Human Rights Defenders at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) video premieres at 10 am."
Read the report at Censored News

Scenes from the film: Standing Rock Water Protectors were brutally arrested while in Prayer and Ceremony, and then caged in dog cages by Morton County with a number written on their arm as was done to the Jews on their way to the gas chambers, Casey Camp Horinek, Ponca, testified. The new film also shows the attack by Dakota Access Pipeline's private security with vicious dogs, and Water Protectors being blasted with water cannons by U.S. militarized police in freezing temperatures. 

Mohawk Nation News 'Indian Business Bigger than General Motors'


Mohawk Nation News
MNN. June 24, 2019. Just think of the lucrative economy the existence of onkwehonweh has created for the illegal invaders: movies, books, schools, school books, Phds, universities, commissions, court cases, judges, Childrens Aid Societies, millionaire lawyers specializing in Indian cases, adoption shops, police, jails, non-native millionaires with on-reserve casinos, millions of bureaucrats, inquiries, etc. If it wasn’t for us, there wouldn’t be any economy in a large part of the world. They stole all our resources from turtle island. They are not here under the guidance of the great peace. The great peace taught us to go into our minds and reveal beautiful things about us and our connection with creation.  This is the good road we try to keep clean. The immigrants are always threatening our existence with their preaching of fear and death. 

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