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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hawaii -- Shut it Down Monday!

Pu'uhonua o Pu'uhuluhulu Maunakea

"🚨 KĀHEA 🚨 Calling on ALL Hospitality Industry Employees Statewide - to stand in a peaceful boycott On Monday, July 22.
HULA DANCERS - stop dancing for tourists.
CHEFS/COOKS - don’t prepare meals for a lū’au
STORY TELLERS - do not share cultural stories at hotels
BUS DRIVERS/TOUR OPERATORS - stop shuttling Tourists and stop all tour operations
HOTEL EMPLOYEES - take sick leave or take PTO
LEI GREETERS AT AIRPORT - do not greet or lei anyone
MUSICIANS - do not sing for Tourists
Instead, please educate our Visitors with aloha and also ask that they support local Vendors who are supporting the Kia’i.
All we need is ONE DAY, shut it down. We can afford to take one day off, but the State can’t afford to lose millions of dollars on the Tourism Industry. They depend on US, to share our aloha with Visitors.
It’s time to stop the abuse of our Aloha. No more Hawaiians to dance hula for Tourists or to cater to them, no more sharing our mo’olelo with them, no greeting them with lei at the airport and no more being at their beckon more. STOP doing it until Governor Ige listens to the host culture and respects our existence! The time is NOW to take a stance, in solidarity - aloha ‘āina."
Mahalo to Lori Halemano for the original kāhea! #Maunakea #ProtectMaunakea#AlohaAina #KuKiaiMauna #AoleTMT

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