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May 29, 2020

Canada's nursing home deaths tantamount to mass murder during COVID-19

Canada's nursing home deaths tantamount to mass murder during COVID-19

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

The horrific and gruesome conditions in Ottawa nursing homes have resulted in widespread death from COVID-19. A new report now confirms the neglect and abuse where sick elderly cried for help for hours, were left in their own waste and force-fed to the point of choking them to death.

One-half of all coronavirus deaths in Canada are in nursing homes. In the United States, one-third of all deaths from the virus are in nursing homes, where neglect, abuse and unsanitary conditions prevail.

"A disturbing new report from the Canadian military paints a picture of severe neglect inside several of Ontario’s long-term care homes struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic, including observations of insect infestations, staffing shortages and patients being underfed and left in soiled diapers," Politico reports.

"The report details insufficient staff training and inadequate protocols to stop the spread of the virus, with employees reusing personal protective equipment between residents and, in one home, residents with Covid-19 being allowed to wander through the facility."

The report, dated May 14, is based on the observations of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who were deployed to five hard-hit centers on April 28 to help provide medical care during the pandemic. It was made public on Tuesday by the Ontario government.

There are 133 First Nation communities in Ottawa.

In both Canada and the United States, the horrific ongoing abuse and neglect in nursing homes is buried beyond the headlines, even as the coronavirus rampages through nursing homes and long term care facilities.

In the United States, nursing homes in Indian country bordertowns in the southwest report large numbers of deaths, including the nursing homes in the Navajo Nation bordertown of Farmington, New Mexico, and the southern Arizona bordertowns of Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

In Farmington, New Mexico, bordertown to Shiprock, the New Mexico State Health Department said  26 residents have died at the Life Care facility in Farmington. In all, 69 residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

In Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located, coronavirus cases make up 71 percent of the deaths, ABC News reports. At one nursing home alone, Sapphire nursing home in Tucson, at least 58 residents and 36 staff members tested positive for the virus.

The horrific conditions in U.S. nursing homes are responsible for one-third of the deaths from coronavirus.

"While just 11 percent of the country’s cases have occurred in long-term care facilities, deaths related to Covid-19 in these facilities account for more than a third of the country’s pandemic fatalities," The New York Times reported May 9.

In Canada the military report includes observations of understaffing, poor sanitation, neglect of residents and employee burnout at five care homes in the Toronto area: Eatonville Care Centre, Hawthorne Place Care Centre, Orchard Villa, Altamont Care Community and Holland Christian — Grace Manor.

Cockroach infestations were observed in two of the centers. There are multiple reports of residents with untreated bed sores due to prolonged bed rest. Read more:

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